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These Latinas were pioneers for workers’ rights in the U.S. Here are 2 you should have learned about in school

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@TIME “La Pasionaria de Texas”

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@TIME I learned about it . No one wanted to actually work , so they paid for their expenses coming and living expenses, plus wages. I was just paid, wages. This was in the late 70's.

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@TIME It's either Wall Street or workers welfare, it can't be both

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#askhunter. Need another foot massage?

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#AskHunter. Did daddy teach you how to shave?

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#askhunter how 75M voted for this 👇

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#AskHunter if he's ready to put down the crack pipe and to serve some hard time because the Biden's time has come.

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My favorite ball on the pool table is the #8ball #AskHunter

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NO, NO 😲
I'm trying to figure out if the dude realizes that he's being chased by a bear.
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