House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will talk on the phone about coronavirus relief, while President Trump’s focus on challenging his election loss has injected more uncertainty into the legislative outcome

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 1 month ago

@WSJ Bill has no stimulus checks!!

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Sensational #BillsMafia

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Fucking Euphoria. #BillsMafia

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@SnapFlow69 Bart is a Jet. He was never going to pick us. If you don’t believe get out! #BillsMafia

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Every single bills fan during Johnson's pick 6. #BillsMafia

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It was so loud on this play that you would of thought we were at 100% capacity #BillsMafia

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All The Way From QwaQwa... The Name Is MashkaZA


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The ability to adjust your game plan both in game and week to week along with the willingness to do so and the trust involved with all to do is special! Appreciate it @BuffaloBills and #BillsMafia ! This is truly special!

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