Denmark ordered some 17 million mink killed to stop a mutation of Covid-19 that can resist vaccines. Some bodies have resurfaced from mass graves in gruesome fashion. Newspapers call them “zombie mink.”

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@WSJ You can’t tell me that the human population doesn’t need to be down sized....drastically!!!

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@TheDivaWorld Profile picture Debrah


 1 month ago

@WSJ Revolting.
Why must the animals of this earth always suffer so?
At the hands of human beasts.

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@WSJ Comme quoi on ne sait pas faire en tenant compte de la nature du sol (sableux = risque pour les nappes phréatiques) et des réactions chimiques de décomposition qui créent des propulsent les corps des visons vers la surface

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@WSJ Imagine if this was taking place in China, there'd be uproar.

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@WSJ The fur trade must end.

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@PayThisMan2 Profile picture PayThisMan


 1 month ago

@WSJ Stop killing animals for luxery clothing

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@EaglePursuit Profile picture Clint Graves


 1 month ago

@WSJ How very 2020 of them

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 1 month ago

@WSJ 2021 gona next lvl

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