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These are the 10 ‘most urgent’ cases of threats to press freedom around the world in December 2020

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@TIME Thanks to @narendramodi #India has made it to this list! #GautamNavlakha is 10th in the list.

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@TIME @pressfreedom there's one glaring omission

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@TIME Since Facebook DISABLED our group as soon as it hit 200k members, we have re-grouped, please follow this link to rejoin/join👇

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@TIME One of the unmentioned threats is about to leave office on January 20th

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@TIME Drump is a mayor threat 2press freedom & national security

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Congratulations to 1 million registrants!🎊
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I will continue to support you!!👍

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#callilust drawn during the #morillion stream. Its Klimt's "Judit I", but with Calli

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Congratulations Calliope chan❤ reaching 1M sub!!🎉🎉
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It’s loving Calliope Mori hours. (That’s 24/7 for me) #morillion

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