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On World Aids Day, those who fought the 1980s epidemic find striking differences and tragic parallels in COVID-19

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@kristilloyd123 @TIME the same regarding Cancer its not fair sometimes 😥

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@TIME Resources for non-propaganda info: @DrMadej @drsimonegold @kksheld @MonicaPerezShow @o_rips @CorbettReport @HighImpactFlix @BenSwann_ @TLAVagabond @PeggyHall @zerohedge @ActivistPost @EthicalSkeptic @NeputeWellness @DrKellyVictory @JenniferMarguli @IceAgeFarmer

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@TIME Why no HIV-AIDS vaccine yet? But the vaccine for covid is created in months??

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@billythrob @Mala_yaayaa @discoveryplus @TLC Rebecca has nothing, nothing. Didn’t she say she needs a truck it’s in storage?
You analyzed their situation perfect. #90DayFiance

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@S033013 @Mala_yaayaa @AmyOnRocket Amira was right! Andrew never called anymore or asked about flights and hotels or anything! #90DayFiance I need to go back to that Amira that followed me last week. See any new updates

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Julia when she dropped the towel reminded me of “Nadia” from American Pie (LOL).... Brandon you bad boy! #90DayFiance

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What’s with Brandon’s ducking. Shirt. Sleeves. They’re all so fucking. Short. Shrunken. Tiny. #90DayFiance

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I’m just thrilled that Yazan & Adam are hanging out together. Adam seemed like an awesome guy from the time he arrived on the scene to translate. Hopefully Yazan can focus on friendship right now, & not a disastrous relationship #90DayFiance #90DayTheOtherWayStrikesBack

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Rebecca really got this man in an empty apartment with nothing to do or sit on...Zied’s Status: bamboozled. #90DayFiance

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@Mala_yaayaa @billythrob @AmyOnRocket Andrew, a man with big hips, moist skin, creepy mustache(if that is what it is). Amira please stay in France.

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@S033013 @Mala_yaayaa @AmyOnRocket Same with my neighbors listening me to me scream at TV! Noticed Amira never messaged the pile of puke?!? Surprised she said Baby! Really grossed out when these people keep saying Baby all the time!! Andrew and Brandon suck at communicating adult stuff! #90DayFiance

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