Big cities’ economic recoveries are set back as the return-to-the-office move that had begun to gain traction has stalled

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 1 month ago

@WSJ We can readjust. There is absolutely no reason to force people to be in the office all day everyday.

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The acting is outstanding... I can’t choose who I thought played who better... I really liked how Jim Brown came off as the Intelligent strong silent type of the 4. How young brash, bold, and brilliant Cassius Clay is portrayed. #OneNightInMiami

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Oggi sul @fattoquotidiano recensisco - accetto scommesse - il Best Picture degli #Oscars2021: #OneNightInMiami di Regina King. Lo trovate su @PrimeVideoIT.

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#OneNightInMiami #OneNightInMiami #OneNightInMiami @ReginaKing, sis, oh my God you DID THAT!! I’m in AWE. @Powerkeni, I’m so honored to have been able to see this project from its opening night in LA to its premiere night for the world. Your writing is pristine. Congrats to ALL!!

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I absolutely loved #OneNightInMiami! Kudos to the cast @AldisHodge @leslieodomjr @TheRealEliGoree @kingsleybenadir and @ReginaKing! Thank you, @Powerkeni! 🏆🏆🏆

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Why’d they do Sam Cooke like det #OneNightInMiami

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