Shares of several hospital systems finished November with their best performances in months, and some investors say their rally has legs

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@WSJ I am sure the Street is so proud of its performance in stocks based on the death and suffering on main street. This is a perfect example of why Wall Street is not a true representation of our economy’s performance.

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 1 month ago

@WSJ Should hospital even be on the stock market?

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 1 month ago
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@WSJ Hospital systems shouldn't have fucking shares

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"Hey, Tanjiro... what is that sound? It's unnerving and never stops..."

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When you dig into the chicken and get a bone, then you get cartilage #DemonSlayer #Toonami

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#DemonSlayer it never ends but here in 2021 it's time to watch the movie #demonslayermugentrain and the next season on #Toonami

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Warm up sketch.
Tonight SSSS.GRIDMAN will be broadcast on Toonami/@adultswim at 2:30 AM. Please check it out! #SSSS_GRIDMAN #Toonami #anime #StudioTrigger #SSSS_DYNAZENON

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Knowing your bathroom habits..... yeah, that would be a MAJOR disadvantage to someone seeing your memories. #AttackOnTitan #Toonami

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