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Por el efecto que produce darle 'me gusta' a tweets con ese hashtag

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Watching that Kaiju reminded that I watched this short video a few days ago that was of Shin Godzilla.

Holy Shit! From spitting out smoke, to flame, to almost lava, to atomic laser-thing.


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Well I’m off to bed @Kisuru . #SSSSGRIDMAN is rapidly becoming my favorite on currently runnin Toonami. More so than AoT which still has me confused. I’m slow I guess 🤷‍♂️

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That's all for #SSSSGRIDMAN on #Toonami; tune in next Saturday for more Kaiju-fighting action!

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Ssss gridman is dope as hell! #SSSS_GRIDMAN #SSSSGRIDMAN #Toonami

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Yuta receives his Primal Adaptor, activates his henshin call, defeats the Kaiju with the help of Caliber, saves the teacher, but nobody remembers what happened. Again. #SSSSGRIDMAN

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#SSSSGRIDMAN OP Union by OxT(Okuto)
ED Youtful Beautiful by Maaya Uchida

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That’s it for #SSSSGRIDMAN! Hope everyone is enjoying it! Honestly I haven’t been tweeting it much because I’ve been having so much fun watching some of my fellow live tweeters experience it for the first time! Such a good show! #Toonami

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