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 1 month ago

Fav’layınca kanatlandırıyor denemesi bedava #レッドブル

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#ChrisHansenIsOverParty I bet chris is crying to his fellow doxxer friend right now

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JUST IN: $FDBL #ChrisHansenIsOverParty @JeremyMcRae6 @fanpasslive @IBNMediaNetwork @SMRelations @flipquick249 @AJohnsonShow $KOSS $AMC $BB $AABB

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Seeing #ChrisHansenIsOverParty trending right now, not surprised at all. The man has consistently proven himself to be a hypocrite.

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A bunch of pedophiles, hiding behind anime profile pics, are trying to get Chris Hansen cancelled by getting #ChrisHansenIsOverParty to trend. Don't fall for it.

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JUST IN: $FDBL Friendable's Fan Pass Live Streaming Platform Now Testing Its 'Pro Services' Offering as Artists Request Additional Support and Services

#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres @fanpasslive @AJohnsonShow @trade_dr $KOSS $GTCH $AMC $BB

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I mean I already seen this one coming, I'm gonna be honest here. #ChrisHansenIsOverParty

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Oh how the mighty have fallen

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