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Great, Amy Covid Barrett been there 5 fucking minutes & already working on killing Americans

She even hasn't expressed an ounce of remorse for her super spreader nomination party.

Because, sure, "pro" life!


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#TalesFromTheSMP karl hear me out... an episode where there’s a villain and they lock everyone inside an escape room and u guys have to try to get out w out dying (u could maybe even turn this into a “hansel and gretal” like story and make the escape room candy themed)

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#talesfromthesmp but george and dream get married,, how we feeling? @honkkarl /j THIS IS A JOKE PLS

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#TALESFROMTHESMP blow up man berg again, the look on everyone’s faces will be incredible

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#TALESFROMTHESMP / #talesofthesmp ‘s lost city of Mizu (can’t remember the spelling)

And I don’t think anything like this will happen i just thought I’d mention it because I’ve been thinking about it ever since the idea was announced a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t stop

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My favorite #TALESFROMTHESMP was when they all saved up to. Buy tickets for the nee #minionsmovie3 comming soon

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you'd know what will be cool. a detective episode where there was a murder on the train and all of them are suspects, kinda like Murder on the orient express and they have to find out who the murderer is and apprehend him to save their own lives

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