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 1 month ago

#AmyCovidBarrett Does this mean that fire codes no longer apply as well? No building codes? ...Because those things limit how much worshippin' I can do. Those things attack my 1st Amendment right more than a TEMPORARY ban due to people dying in a pandemic.

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@alamantra Forgot my clothes... but still going to church!

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@DaOnlySaltended up marrying Gavin for years. The one is always around! #SaltNPepaMovie

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Herbie’s baby right? #SaltNPepaMovie

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A lot of this story I’ve heard @TheSaltNPepa talk about before as well as @DaRealPepa book. #SaltNPepaMovie

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#SaltNPepaMovie ????
How can I watch it in Japan??
Any info?

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But like are they really gonna do a whole 3 hours and not mention Spin???!! Who is this for? #SaltNPepaMovie

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Wait a minute: Salt-N-Pepa worked at a Sears call center with Kid 'n Play and Martin Lawrence?!! Are you serious?!! #SaltNPepaMovie #SaltNPepa

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