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@tribelaw religious zealots do not belong on #SCOTUS

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everyone posting on #transmcyttwtselfieday : YOU GUYS ARE SO PRETTY/HANDSOME/ATTRACTIVE IM OBSESSED W ALL !!! this is also me figuring out my own pronouns. this has been hard for me to figure out for YEARS. ive gone from she/her they/them he/they and its been HARD!

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I look crusty also I’m wearing shorts #transmcyttwtselfieday

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- it was never meant to be.
- #transmcyttwtselfieday
- rts are pog!!

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#transmcyttwtselfieday is something I fuck with ngl

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#transmcyttwtselfieday SUP CLOUT DEMONS ITS ME YA BOY
i do art sometimes but ive been invested in mmd after a few years so all i can offer is funny memory boy dancing

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I wanna do #transmcyttwtselfieday but like i wear a mask and sunglasses does that still count as a selfie??

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