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 2 months ago

I have to sleep but i’m so glad sam has had such a great stream tonight and the support was amazing for him :D he deserves it all so much <3 #SAMSUPPORT

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Holding with another solid performance tonight, geezer has been like a wall the last few games


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I NEVER give this man credit! Well played today #Pepe let’s keep it up brva #SOUARS

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We playing well mofos ?? #SOUARS

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Man of the Match...... great game. #arsenal #SOUARS #saka

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Pues a poner velas para ESR y Thomas. Muchas. Y a rezar cada cinco horas. Y subir a Montserrat descalzo.

En otro orden, mal gestionado por Arteta el cambio de Martinelli. Muy mal llevado, dale 10 minutos al menos.

#SOUARS #PremierLeagueDAZN

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Saka is a star and Leno, well what can I say! #SOUARS

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The difference is clear. Play Willian, arsenal will LOSE. Don't play willian, and arsenal will win games. Willian's the CURSE!!!. #SOUARS

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