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 2 months ago

I’m loving the fact that this season is set in one place, the sit at home and play games and drink wine is so much more real life than helicopter rides and bungee jumping 🍷 #hereforit #theBachelorette

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would be terrible to call the GOP #TrumpTerrorists

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Ted Cruz
Josh Hawley
Kevin McCarthy
Lindsey Graham
Mo Brooks
Ron Johnson
Louis Gohmert
Jim Jordan
Matt Gaetz
Lauren Boebert
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Andy Biggs
Paul Gosar
Roger Marshall
Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul
Tommy Tuberville #TrumpTerrorists

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Marjorie Taylor-Greene harassed Parkland shooting survivors

She called for the execution of Democrats

She told the Big Lie and supported #TrumpTerrorists attack on the Capitol

Expelling isn’t enough. She must be investigated and held accountable.

She is vile and dangerous.

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