Querido @drauziovarella o que o senhor acha dessa aglomeração?

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@um_libertario @DaniloGentili @drauziovarella Tipo, a galera n entendr q o q n pd é a aglomeraçao q as outras pessoas n gostam... as q elas gostam é de boa

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@soutrouxabj Profile picture Gabriela


 1 week ago

@DaniloGentili @drauziovarella Oii , estamos passando necessidade aqui em casa, a situação não tá muito boa.. somos 4 pessoas, tem meu irmão que é pequeno, somos de Pernambuco, será que podia nos ajudar de alguma forma? Eu agradeço MT 🙏😢 me ajuda pfvr 🙏🙏

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@agbizcom Profile picture O 5º Beatle!


 1 week ago

@DaniloGentili @drauziovarella Vamos comemorar um dia sem Drauzio!! 🙏🙏🙏

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 1 week ago

@DaniloGentili @drauziovarella Hipocrisia que fala né meu filho!

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@DaniloGentili @drauziovarella Mas aí pode, tipo nas eleições

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 1 week ago
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This #WorldAidsDay, let's spread awareness about HIV and encourage those suffering with AIDS to practice meditation and stay positive. Getting inspired from Saint Dr. @Gurmeetramrahim Ji volunteers @derasachasauda are spreading awareness through rallies.

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For #WorldAIDSDay, support your local syringe exchange programs like @preventionpp!!

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#WorldAIDSDay – raise awareness of HIV

People with HIV are up to 40 times more likely to suffer from anal tumours caused by HPV.
#HPV #cancerscreening #HIV

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"Mit der Unterzeichnung der Deklaration #positivarbeiten zeigen wir heute am #WeltAIDSTag Flagge gegen Diskriminierung HIV-positiver Menschen," schreibt Elke Heitmüller, Leiterin #VWGroup Diversity Management, auf @LinkedInDACH. #WorldAIDSDay

⬇️ Mehr dazu hier:

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Today is #WorldAIDSDay - a day to show support for those living with HIV/AIDS, to remember those who have died, and to demand an end to AIDS and its stigma.

The red ribbon has been worn since the early 1990s, and this one from our collection dates right back to c.1991 (1/3)

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To end the social stigma and menace of HIV, awareness is necessary.
Let us all indulge in spreading awareness via offline and digital sources to save maximum people.
@Gurmeetramrahim ji Insan

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Hoy 1 de diciembre, ideal para para escuchar this queen only 👑 #WorldAIDSDay #DiaMundialDelSida #AIDSday #VIH Bienvenido diciembre

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Today is #worldaidsday ❤️

It’s also the first time I’m taking charge of my sexual health. Being tested for the first time as well as learning from professionals on how often to do so.

Education is scary but we should embrace it.

A small step forward. But a huge moment for me.

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