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 1 week ago

Dear young people, the effects of our actions and decisions affect you personally. Therefore, you can’t remain outside the places that are shaping the present and future. You’re either part of them or history will pass you by. #FrancescoEconomy

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 1 week ago

@IamNishantSh @Pontifex You forgot love Jesus, pray the rosary, remain chaste, follow the ten commandments, go to mass and go to confession.

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@Pontifex May God continue to bless you my pop

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@Pontifex Well acknowledge 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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@Pontifex Amen everyone should get together and work as a unit

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 1 week ago

@Pontifex pope I have a question

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@Pontifex • Read everyday.
• Spend time with nature.
• Ask questions.
• Never stop learning.
• Don't pay attention to what others think of you.
• Do what interests you the most.
• Study hard.
• Teach others what you know.
• Make mistakes and learn.
• It's Okay to not know things!

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 1 week ago

@Pontifex Absolutely! We have to be out there and making a difference. If not then we cannot complain if nothing gets done.

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 1 week ago

@Pontifex So true! Let’s unpick this SJH

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 1 week ago

@Pontifex Thank u Pope Francis

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The song is amazing. ❤✨
Every day I am more proud of you. ❤
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#lotusinn #LotusInnGrandOpening

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. @jackaverymusic PLS CAN I GET A FOLLOW I LOST IT ON MY OLD ACCOUNT ?! #lotusinn #lotusinngrandopening

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@JonahMarais i have been crying on my floor for the past half an hour #LotusInnGrandOpening

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Is it bad that I already know more than half the lyrics of the song!?!? @ImZachHerron @JonahMarais @corbynbesson @jackaverymusic @whydontwemusic @SeaveyDaniel #LotusInnGrandOpening

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