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 2 weeks ago

Hold out your hand to the poor, instead of demanding what you lack. In this way, you will multiply the talents you have received. (Mt 25:14-30) #WorldDayOfThePoor #GospelOfTheDay

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@PrasathJoe @Pontifex Amen.
God bless you .
Joe Prasath

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@Solid_Believer @Pontifex May God bless you uncountably

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@Pontifex OG freedom fighters

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 2 weeks ago

@Pontifex Yep, always 🙏🤗

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 2 weeks ago

@Pontifex What if they bite it?

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 2 weeks ago

@Pontifex Love you Papa. Pray for u

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 2 weeks ago

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@Pontifex 🙏🙏🙏

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 2 weeks ago

@Pontifex @ausgov @AuSenate @dfat @ScottMorrisonMP @marshall_steven @AlanTudgeMP @DanTehanWannon @georgiecrozier @PhilHoneywood @UNHumanRights @UN @latrobe @TorrensUni @Deakin @BCAcomau @SenatorWong @BBC @cnni #letusbacktoAus NOW @CISA_National @WHO @KKeneally @stuartayresmp @JulieOwensMP

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@Pontifex Together let's pray for beautiful Philippines :
For those homeless
For those have problems in financials
For everyone's safety
Oh Lord may you turn Your merciful eyes upon them, grant them the help they need.

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The Conference Finals of the 2020 #MLSCupPlayoffs are locked and loaded! #MNUFC #Sounders #To96ther #NERevs

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#MNUFC imagine what we’ll do to a fish?

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Recap is live @SwitchThePitch1
A quick dive into how #MNUFC solved two problems - Scoring and Sporting KC.
#MNUFC | #SKCvMIN | #MLSCupPlayoffs | #TimetoSwitch

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USA Covid-19 Deaths latest 👇👇👇

#coronavirus #CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID19 #GreysAnatomy #joshjacobs #josh #WonderAtMidnight #MNUFC

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Well Well..it’s another ✈️ to the conference final. #MNUFC #MLSplayoffs #Blessed 👊🏿

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