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 2 months ago
@FIFAcom @gianluigibuffon @SergioRamos @SeFutbol @azzurri ❤❤

@FIFAcom @gianluigibuffon @SergioRamos @SeFutbol @azzurri ❤❤

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 2 months ago

🇮🇹 @gianluigibuffon (176 caps)
🇪🇸 @SergioRamos (176 caps)

🧢 Two footballing immortals now share the record for the most caps by a European player. Congratulations, Sergio! 👏

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The Biden administration is a fucking shit-show. Every time Biden speaks he contradicts what he just said.

👇The Left media

Rand Paul #BidenRemorse #BidenErasedWomen #Biden #BidenAdministration

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Mitch McConnell sided with Rand Paul on dismissing the trial. So, what was all that bull he gave us about being in favor of the impeachment trial?
#GOPComplicitTraitors #ImpeachAndConvict

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Today, 45 #GOP #Senators voted in favor of future insurrections.

#ImpeachAndConvict if you value our #Democracy
#ImpeachAndConvict if you are against #terrorist attacks on our #Capital.
#ImpeachAndConvict if your oath to support the #Constitution means anything to you.

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If only trump was a womanizer and adulterous. Conservatives had no problem impeaching Clinton for “all the damage he had done”...if only! Damn...IF ONLY! #ImpeachAndConvict

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Democracy is in danger. #ImpeachAndConvict Trump, Cruz, Hawley, and the rest of the Capitol riot instigators.

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