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 3 weeks ago

Yesterday, the Report on the sad case of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was published. I renew my closeness to the victims of sexual abuse and the Church's commitment to eradicate this evil.

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 3 weeks ago

@maryked2900 @Pontifex Clearly you have not read the report. Part of it about his travel to China has been highlighted by different people all over Twitter...

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 3 weeks ago

@shayoyos @Pontifex He historically existed. If he didn’t that would be the first thing the Jewish leadership and Romans would have claimed to counter the new Christian movement. As for him being God, I believe it.

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 3 weeks ago

@Pontifex Are you claiming innocent? Why did you have McCarrick make a deal with China, what of those poor souls in China?

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 3 weeks ago

@Pontifex jesus is fake

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 3 weeks ago

@Pontifex Thank you Holy father Pope Francis

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@Pontifex Keep your eyes on Christ:

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@Pontifex Amen

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@Pontifex We join Pope Francis with his prayers and thoughts for the people around the world :
Prayer always arouses feelings of fraternity, it breaks down barriers, crosses borders, creates invisible but real and opens horizons of hope.
In Jesus' name , Amen

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Huge thank you to the fans who made the trip to KC. It hasn’t been the same without you at Allianz Field. Hearing M-N-UFC fill a stadium again was pretty special! Now we go to Seattle and do it all over again!! #MNUFC #2GamesToGo

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The Conference Finals of the 2020 #MLSCupPlayoffs are locked and loaded! #MNUFC #Sounders #To96ther #NERevs

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#MNUFC imagine what we’ll do to a fish?

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Recap is live @SwitchThePitch1
A quick dive into how #MNUFC solved two problems - Scoring and Sporting KC.
#MNUFC | #SKCvMIN | #MLSCupPlayoffs | #TimetoSwitch

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Well Well..it’s another ✈️ to the conference final. #MNUFC #MLSplayoffs #Blessed 👊🏿

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