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KANYE 2024

KANYE 2024

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@Cranoverse @kanyewest Bro, I use to grab a handful of the Lil critters gummy vites, and I just eat them. I was like 11 or so when I did this, and they tasted like candy almost, so I kept on doing it until I stopped.

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@kanyewest Congrats on the win Kanye

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@kanyewest AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN

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@kanyewest Man wtf going on in the world

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Worst season by far! Cast sucks!
Talking about Kathryn every episode is exhausting. Casting is terrible this season. #Bravofail #SouthernCharm

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These mfs would be throwing food at the table haha #SouthernCharm

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Madison: How much for that stache ride?


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its ok to bully racists #SouthernCharm

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“You fucking beta bitch” fry would get a standing ovation in my circle 😂 #SouthernCharm

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Without Kathryn wtf were these bitches going to talk about ALL-SEASON & EVERY SEASON! #SouthernCharm

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i mean, the other madison was kathryn’s friend because gwynne’s capitalized off her reality tv “fame” .... nothing other madison has said has indicated she ever liked kathryn as an actual friend. #southerncharm

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Ok watching the finale it's clear that Kathryn hasn't learned or really apologized so I understand leva more. I will say it was exhausting to watch but now I sort of get it. I wouldn't have the energy but I can appreciate it more now #SouthernCharm

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