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The first vote of my life We are here to serve We pray for every servant leader in the world 🕊

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@kanyewest KANYE 2024

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@kanyewest Trump’s Cakewalk Path to a Mickey Mouse Presidency:

- Weak Republican Conference

- Beats Injured Kamala Harris

- Carried by Pence

- Avoided Yang

- Kanye isnt trying

- Saved by Russia

If Trump wins he will be 0-0-2 in the elections. rigged + big asterisk. Hope this Helps.

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Kanye West after seeing the Presidential Election results tonight

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I find it weird that Madison cares so much if Austin is looking at her. And then the text from her friend? The only thing I can think is because he’s still seems to have been actively pursuing her despite their break up. So it’s also weird on his part... #SouthernCharm

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Madison you’re the one that dumped Austen sweetie you can’t break up with him flirt with other dudes in front of him and then expect him to be with you whenever you want to pick him back up #SouthernCharm

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Madison that was so strange. Who the heck was she fighting for ? Lol #SouthernCharm

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One final tweet, pro @nowroozyani and anti hatred. If you hate someone you don’t know, it’s not their fault. #SouthernCharm

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#Bravo ratings way down because of all the political bullshit they spew while we just want an escape. They want to try to blame @RHOC_KellyDodd but all the shows are down.

#SouthernCharm sucks
#rhoc braunwynn sucks.
#rhod well...the new girl is cool but ridiculous.


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I’m over Leva and Venita. First of all Venita just met Kathryn at Madison’s event. Just because she is black doesn’t give her the right to join the bully gang with Leva and keep talking about that incident. I am speaking as black woman #southerncharm

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