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 2 months ago

JANUARY 2021 @Drake

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 2 months ago

@collagedrop_out @OVOSound @Drake HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!!!!!

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@kuttxo @OVOSound @Drake we bout eat at the beginning of the new year letsss gooo

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@OVOSound @Drake HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAKE‼️❤️ for more art follow @collagedrop_out on IG🎨

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 2 months ago

@OVOSound @Drake Summer 2020: Am I joke to you?

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@OVOSound @Drake Omg drake gonna save everyone and drop 2021 how generous

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 2 months ago

@OVOSound @Drake LETS GOOOOO🐐🐐🐐🐐 happy birthday drake 🎉🎉

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@heathergay29 is my new favorite housewife in all of the franchises. #RHOSLC #WWHL

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There are 2 types of #RHOSLC fans.

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Pretty weird to hear a Mormon insulting a guy simply for choosing not to order alcohol with dinner. Like, gross behavior no matter what but boggling given her upbringing. WTF anyway? #RHOSLC

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@Andy I truly hope you know that Utah Mormons who grew up outside of Utah are NOTHING like Utah Mormons. They are seen as sheltered & living in a bubble & because of that, ignorant of the world. Many go to Vegas and don't feel like a "bad Mormon." That was so lame smh. #RHOSLC

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“It’s not like she’s flying me to Italy, it’s Vegas” lol I seriously “love that”. @LisaBarlow7 #RHOSLC

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Also make Lisas kids housewives and make her a friend of the show #RHOSLC

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Also make Lisas kids housewives and make her a friend of the show #RHOSLC

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#RHOSLC Heather Gay is probably the most relatable housewife ever

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