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Replying to @OVOSound: Official OVO Sound Playlist

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Official OVO Sound Playlist

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I don't like that Mary didn't go to the Vegas trip. She said she didn't want to go if Jen's going & it's obvious they're scared of Jen bc they didn't convince her to make amends #RHOSLC #RHSLC

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If “grain of salt there” is not a gif I’m quitting social media @LisaBarlow7 #RHOSLC

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Jen is scary as hell. You’d be stupid not to be afraid of her!


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Meredith’s voice... #RHOSLC

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trying to make Brooks happen... #RHOSLC

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Jen is a terrible friend to Heather #RHOSLC

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Whitney is my favorite housewife so far. She just gives me cool girlfriend vibes. I just want to smoke a blunt with her #RHOSLC

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