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 3 months ago

Official OVO Sound Playlist

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 3 months ago
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 3 months ago

@OVOSound Waiting on the album like ....

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 3 months ago

@OVOSound Now this is something I really needed.

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 3 months ago


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@OVOSound Drop an album together

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 3 months ago

@divedia @OVOSound FR BRO😔 maybe this week

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 3 months ago

@OVOSound Don’t scare me like that...thought this was a CLB track list

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 3 months ago

@OVOSound 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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@OVOSound I thought this was a track list for CLB smh I got played

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@OVOSound Where's my name lol

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NEWS: $EHVVF Ehave, Inc. Closes 20/20 Global Transaction, Mycotopia Therapy Now Operating as a Publicly Traded Company with Intent to Focus on Psychedelic Sector

#RHOC @stockman1301 @otc_watch_news @GlamorousStock $FUSEF $OBLN $ITOX $NXGB

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What Kelly said about covid and masks, on social media, had me thinking she was an anti-masker and covid denier....but she was a lot more tame on the show.

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Its the way Andy is disproportionately harder on #RHOP and #RHOA - this #RHOC reunion is a cakewalk in comparison. Can we talk @Andy? This is a problem - folks have been saying this for a while, and you haven't made an attempt to address this at all.

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Gina had the best ✨glow up✨this season..and then Shane! #RHOC

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So I know BWB is the villain but can we please be an equal opportunity accountability fandom because all of OC sucks so much right now except for Gina #rhoc

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Lord, Shannon what did you do to yourself??? #rhoc

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I don't agree with @RHOC_KellyDodd but she's allowed to talk about what she wants too just like everyone else. Andy is an ass #rhoc

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Was the #RHOC reunion better than the season?

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