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 4 months ago

I really hope to play the shows as planned for 2021 but will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and months. I can’t wait to see you all on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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 4 months ago

@_sxphss @Harry_Styles yeah i’ve noticed that😀

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 4 months ago

@Harry_Styles Thank you for putting our health and safety first! I pray you and your loved ones are staying safe and you’re doing well. I love you so much❤️

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@Harry_Styles Tweeta mais

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 4 months ago

@Harry_Styles KING OF SAFETY

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 4 months ago

@Harry_Styles looking forward to it

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 4 months ago

@Harry_Styles and after you smash it in your lead role !!!!!! so proud of you always can’t wait to see you when it’s time !!!!

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 4 months ago

@Harry_Styles i love you so much, we understand and hope you're doing well!

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@Harry_Styles can't wait to see you perform!! I hope everything goes well and by then it's safe to perform

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@Harry_Styles Stay safe Harry, well always love you no matter what

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 4 months ago

Everyone’s health and safety remains our top priority, which is why I unfortunately have to postpone all 2020 shows in South America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand until further notice.

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 6 months ago

Harry Styles is very very problematic, a thread.

(This is a thread of all the problematic things Harry Styles have done over the years that he needs to be held accountable for and should no longer get a pass.)

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Walking with the Living God: WHERE DO YOU STAND? #Weekendvibes #SundayMorning #Sunday #SundayFunday #SundayMotivation #Happyweekend #Amwriting

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Bon dimanche Twitter #SundayMorning

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#Vtwx was calm at 6:45am on #SundayMorning, #Jan24 in #MyNeckOfTheWoods of #Vermont at the 1200ft elevation; and right now at 7:45am there are only a few branches occasionally, slightly moving.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire....

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Looking for a #Church today? Check out New Life Online at . Services are at 8, 9:30 and 11 am EST. I'll be in the Chat Room and would love to connect with you today. #SundayMorning

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