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 5 months ago

Celebrate 10 years of One Direction! Sing along to your favourite songs with time-synced lyrics on @AppleMusic

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 5 months ago

@starrrrrr14 @iishivaniii @onedirection @AppleMusic Hi, i am so sorry about what your aunt is going through, it must really hurt. I really wish i could help but i cant, if i could just know i would! I wish you and your family the best i am so so sorry, but this is all i can give at the moment. Dm me if you need anything Xx💚🤍🧡💙

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 5 months ago

@lostinwllngtn @onedirection @AppleMusic Why does he look so cute I can’t 🥺🥺And why he eats so fast I can’t JAHAHAH

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@gwsamyy @onedirection @AppleMusic what if they haven’t even filmed it 🥺

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 5 months ago

@Iwtmedicine @onedirection @AppleMusic bc they probably have something coming for us. if not they are just torturing us

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@onedirection @AppleMusic Hiii! My aunt is fighting a battle against terminal cancer. Over the years, she's also battled against brain and breast cancer. She's a fighter and has never asked for help until now. Please, if you can, please donate. Anything is helpful! Thank you❤

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 5 months ago

@onedirection @AppleMusic WHY ARE U SO ACTIVE

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 5 months ago

@onedirection @AppleMusic soo infinity mv?

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Siento que joe jay Es el Jan de esta season jasjsj. #DragRace

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Denali is so cute 🥺 #DragRace

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Quiero ser famosa para que algún día me inviten como juez a #dragrace

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No wig? Ok, fine. But you better be fucking amazing. #dragrace

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Salime Itzel José Luis
Epigmenio "The Most Loved Álbum English" "SKUAD LOVES SK" "LAS LETRAS DE DALÚ" #DragRace
#NocheDeMasterChef #MasterChefMx

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Utica gives me thorgy vibes hard but i loved thorgy so im actually here for it #DragRace

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