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@collagedrop_out @OVOSound @Drake This is crazy🔥

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@OVOSound @Drake Super fire

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@OVOSound @Drake “D4L” concept poster! Follow me on IG for more art @collagedrop_out🎨🎨🎨

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The more Braunwyn speaks the crazier she becomes . She has entirely too many kids to stay in drama when does she find the time ? Girl ugh #rhoc #bravo

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I’m so confused - is Elizabeth mad because people looked into her finances when the press had already announced she was a fraud? like girl, the rumours exist, stay incognito in your trailer if you’re concerned #RHOC

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This will be Kelly’s last season. #RHOC

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@Andy hope you’re shutting down people wanting Kelly fired just because she has different political beliefs! This shows NEEDS that! No one wants to watch a cast with the same beliefs and personalities. That’s what makes #RHONY great! They are a true mix! #RHOC

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@gingerjetpackz1 #RHOCReunion same boring shit different season #RHOC

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@queensofbravo I like having someone with different views. I don’t want all the same beliefs, personalities. That’s why #RHONY is one of the BEST franchises! They are a true mix. And if they fire someone like Kelly, you best fire Ramona. #RHOC

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#RHOC Should teach their kids to protect you themselves from sexual assault #rape #rapeculture #harrassment #sexualassault #metoo #rapevictim #sexualabuse #consent Rape-aXe can help prevent rape & provide DNA evidence to bring the attacker to justice.

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