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بأمر #خادم_الحرمين_الشريفين.. الحكومة من خلال نظام (ساند) تتحمل 60 % من رواتب موظفي #القطاع_الخاص السعوديين في المنشآت المتأثرة من التداعيات الحالية جراء انتشار فيروس #كورونا المستجد.

الحمدلله....العديد من المبادرات الحكومية ستساعد على تقليل الأضرار الناتجة عن هذه الأزمة العالمية حتى تمر بسلام بإذن الله....
"هذه أيضا ستمضي".
#كورونا #كلنا_مسؤول #إحسان

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@shugairi دائماً دولتنا فووق ربي يحفظها..🇸🇦🇸🇦

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 7 months ago

@shugairi عقبال مصر يارب 🙏⁦♥️⁩

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@shugairi يارب 🤲🏻

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@shugairi بإذن الله ❤️❤️

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 7 months ago

@shugairi يارب ..

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@shugairi بإذن الله 🙏🏻

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@shugairi بإذن الله

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 7 months ago

@shugairi اتمني منك ترجع للسناب 🙏🏼

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 7 months ago

@shugairi هلا بالحب♥️♥️

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@shugairi احلى واحد يغرد

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No matter how hard she tries, Liyah can't seem to find a friend. That change when she stumbles upon a talking flower in her mother's garden. The flower wants to be her friend! It's not what she expected, but could this be what Liyah has ben looking for all along?

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#PitMad #YA Eleven year old Hannah Otto has no identity of her own. Instead, she mirrors the traits of the people she encounters, whether they are good or bad. In the local area, there is a serial killer at large. Is Hannah prepared to pay the ultimate price to mirror others?

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@literaryexpress Done. My pinned tweet is my #PitMad pitch for my new novel.

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Miss Marple meets X-Files: A dying magician. His apprentice. A monk with a genetic secret. One of them killed a Customs agent to possess an occult scroll. Retired professor and paranormal researcher Blythe Golightly must figure out who or become the next victim #PitMad #A #P #M

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Emilia and Scout are the Good Deed Duo. Spreading kindness in their neighborhood: their mission.

That’s until a mysterious girl jeopardizes their latest project, leading them to discover the true power of good deeds and teamwork. #Pitmad #PB

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When outgoing Maya sees her first Broadway musical, she buzzes with the beat—the spinning, the singing, the soul! Could she perform on Broadway too?

Grab your tickets for MAYA MEETS BROADWAY, a toe-tapping lyrical infofic #PB w/ theatre backmatter.


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16YO Jon goes to the hospital for a new heart.

He leaves w/ superpowers.

When a gang threatens his brother, this South Bronx science geek must use his new abilities to save him. But he’s not the only one w/ a superpowered transplant. #PitMad #YA

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Recipe for Little Mermaid Modern Retelling

1 part mermaids
2 cups forbidden romance
3 tsp rebellion
1 pinch of royalty
1 curse to become human

Simmer over 4 years. Serve.

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