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I scramble along the way
#euphoria settles in.
Between me and you,
A few minutes' wait
In your arms I will rest myself,
My aching feet
My soaring heart
Hold me so I melt on your chest:
And yes I say yes
Yes till death do us part.


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Enhypen Heeseung sang Jungkook's Euphoria in a fanmeeting !!

Ps: He once said that he would like to talk about music while dining with Jungkook.

Ahhhh soo cute 😭♥️♥️

#jungkook #JK #EUPHORIA #heeseung #ENHYPEN #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

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There isn't a doubt in his body that he would call what he felt around her #Euphoria and like any other drug, he would give up everything for one more taste of its pleasure. Yet, reality is something you cannot escape and once he realized that was all he had left, he ran. #vss365

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The #euphoria we felt
when we beheld the sight
of the moonlit waves
& the starry night

He took my hand as we
breathed in the salty air
And then laughed
as the breeze tousled our hair

Such a sweet memory 
of a long lost time
When I was his
and he was mine

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She almost smiled at the sight of him after so long but instead nodded. As he stepped closer she had to fight to dampen the #euphoria of seeing him alive after so long of expecting the worst. But she couldn't let her feelings rise, or they would sense it and come for her #vss365

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holaaaa olivia joshua sabrina #Euphoria

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The competitors battled in a grand melee. Brain met brawn, steel met sharpened steel; few walked away unscathed.

In the end, a handful stood triumphant above the rest, #euphoria coursing through their veins.

A huntress.
A wrestler.
A mathematician.
And...a gamer.


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Get ready for the inevitable... What is? Something which is inevitably going to happen. What will? Major #StockMarket correction... The over valuation is amazing... way way way too expensive ------> #EUPHORIA
#WallStreet #Asia #EU #Gold ...

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Maura’d waited so long for this day to come. She smiled at passers by & wished them good morning. Then, taking a deep breath, she went into the corner shop & bought a bar of chocolate. No masks anywhere. Oh the #euphoria!

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We threw
fragments of our
broken hearts into
trash cans scattered
around the town.
The streetlights opened
their throats and
bellowed ballads of
sugary redemption.
That night itself was
#euphoria, guiding us
to parking lots in
which we


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#バズリズム #EUPHORIA

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#バズリズム02 #あの人ランキング




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She closed her eyes and settled into the #euphoria of the music. Her heart danced as goosebumps formed on her flesh. Heaven was found in a well-loved symphony.

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I found my #euphoria
The day our worlds collided
And I became a star of your galaxy.

By Elif Hoorain!
#vss365 #WritingCommunity #WritersCafe #poetry #amwriting

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Today, I will stalk wonder,
like a cougar its prey,
devour the #euphoria
it inspires, take it away
to my deepest parts,
my blood, heart—
my soul, nourished
by the sound of ravens
echoing among Ponderosa,
wild Aspen, an enclave
of desperation,
along a forest’s path.


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We regained our stronghold at the expense of two of my allies and 200 soldiers who perished the final surge. The battle #euphoria ended hours ago. I fear what's next as our priests demand a sacrifice as payment. They revel in carnage, both in war and peace. #vss365

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January 22 #euphoria #vss365 using @theladywrites prompt for 31 Short Stories 31 Days: Two friends must reconcile their wildly conflicting approaches to solving a shared problem or achieving a shared goal. #WritingCommunity #TwitchWriters #shortstories #shortstory

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" #Euphoria! Euphoria!"
"Why are you screaming and running around naked?"
"I just found out that if I run around naked, I'm happy. Like really, really happy!!"
"Yeah? But why torture everyone else with the visual?"
And that is why, Straightemedes' idea never took off.

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Mirrored eyes above the mask
Look furtive
But she scrubs her hands
The gown, gloves put on
Takes the scalpel
Hours to remove
All dreams of love.
This is real, no
make believe #euphoria
she tells herself
And flinches only a little
With the first cut.

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#Euphoria yı izledim ve beni bu denli rahatsız eden ilk dizi oldu amk bazı sahnelere bakamadım gözlerimi kapatırken geçmeye falan çalıştım bu kadar da sıçmayın amk YETER

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"There is a simple #euphoria in simply... not dying." Rellah's eyes shifted back and forth as she looked for a way to explain it. "This... thrill. You can't get it any other way."

Hyatt flashed back to Veshtrue attack, but only remembered terror. "Uh-huh."

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Friday’s tinge of #hope,
Saturday’s #euphoria!
Sunday’s just resting.
#Haiku #HaikuChallenge #VSS365

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A cloud’s been lifted
Euphoria in the air
We pick up our pens✍️

#vss365( #euphoria) #haiku #senryu

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For some, love's #euphoria becomes lambent and then fades.
For others it is lost in the brume.
There are few who #wade into its perfervid depths and then forget how to swim.

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Episódio sai hoje no HBO GO e Max 🥳
Bora assistir? Empresto conta kakaka
#EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria

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😍La artista estadounidense @billieeilish cantó por primera vez en español en compañía de la artista catalana @rosalia. “Lo vas a olvidar”, canción grabada para un episodio de la serie #Euphoria, fue lanzado ayer en todas las plataformas.

Escucha 👇

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Vou lançar o drive com a Parte 2 de #EUPHORIA Dublado
Dia 25 meus bacanos !!!

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Lo Vas A Olvidar (with ROSALÍA) จาก Billie Eilish #Euphoria

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Hoje estréia a PARTE 2 do especial de #EUPHORIA!

Focado na Jules o episódio estará disponível às 23h na #HBOGOBR antes da estréia na TV, domingo.

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Libera logo esse EP HBO, please 🥺
#EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria

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Zendaya and John David Washington star in Netflix's romantic drama #MalcolmAndMarie, shot in lockdown by #Euphoria's Sam Levinson. Read the Empire review:

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Las novedades de Netflix, HBO, Movistar+, Amazon Prime Video... para no despegarte de la pantalla. 🍿🍿🖥 #3Caminos #Euphoria

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We married, which was a mistake. Then---in the throes of #euphoria known only to the oblivious---we started a new life in Climax, Colorado. It was all downhill from there.

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"Are we really going to the Marianas Trench?" Sybil asked in #euphoria.

Her uncle frowned. "You know we're not going for a pleasure trip. It takes tremendous magic to get down there without being crushed." He paused.

"We've got a job to do and a kraken to eliminate."


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For some, love's #euphoria becomes lambent and then fades.
For others it is lost in the brume.
There are some who #wades into perfervid depths and then forget how to swim.

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