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Oh, WOW! A few books you might hear a @NewBooksAfroAm convo or two about... one, maybe super soon 😉. #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians

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A short thread on books to read instead of a certain report.

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See, y’all betta not let no Dadgum objectivity malarkey into Methods classes as something worth pursuing!!!! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackinVastEarlyAmerica

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We must constantly reject the Western myth that writing happens in isolation when it’s the opposite: writing is a conversation. It’s about listening and communicating with each other. #OnWriting #BlackStudies #BlkTwitterstorians

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I had a talk with one of my committee members about my struggling writing and it unlocked so much inside of me. I’m grateful for mentors who encourage me to talk my shit lol. I might as well. #OnWriting #BlackStudies #BlkTwitterstorians

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Take a listen to my discussion with the amazing @blackleftaf! We chopped it up about her formation as a Black Studies scholar at @BerkeleyAfroAm, how she plans her work, and a whole lot more! #Blktwitterstorians #BlackStudies @ABWHTruth @blkwomenradical

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University of Florida African American Studies Cluster Hire with preferences in:

“Economics of Racial Inequality, Health Disparities, Carceral Studies, and Black Cultural Studies (sport or music).” #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians @blackstar1906

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#BlkTwitterstorians #KnowledgeDrop 1968-2018: "Escalate the Struggle" #MLK50

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@ABWHTruth National Director & @JAAHistory Editoral Board member extraordinaire @ericaadunbar tells us about Marian Anderson & her fight against segregation! #BlackWomen #blktwitterstorians #MarianAnderson #MustWatch

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Awesome!!! So proud to call @ericaadunbar my advisor! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians

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@ABWHTruth members are making waves in public discussions about American history and policy! Watch National Director Dr. @ericaadunbar discuss the importance of pathbreaking singer and activist Marian Anderson's fight against segregation in this @BidenInaugural video!

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Marian Anderson broke down many walls on her way to becoming the first Black woman to sing at an inauguration.

Watch historian @ericaadunbar trace her journey and life-long fight against segregation.

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The “aha!” writing moments make up for the rest! 🙏🏾☝🏾 #OnWriting #BlackStudies #BlkTwitterstorians

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In 2020, @DrHettie2017 founded @bad_union to defend Black faculty as they decolonize curricula and inspire generations of new students. #blktwitterstorians @BlkPerspectives

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I may have missed @minkmak last night, but I DO NOT plan on missing him here! @PrincetonAAS is hosting a dope round of events throughout the Spring 2021 semester! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackStudies @AJohnsonHist @NewBlackMan @Prof_Suddler

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Looking forward to reading @drjohnaeharris’s new book, published by @yalepress!! OH, and look out for my @NewBooksAfroAm interview with @drjohnaeharris later this semester!!! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians @nhannahjones @mbarcia24 @ProfMSinha

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LOOK WHAT I GOT, @DizeNathan! Super excited to read @makenzyorcel‘s novel + discuss the translation process with Nathan on @NewBooksAfroAm! Thank you again @SUNYPress + the INCREDIBLE Dr. Vanessa Valdés, Director of @IamBSPCCNY! #Blktwitterstorians @inthewhirld #twitterstorians

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Early Bird Deadline for #ASALH2021 is soon approaching! Submit yours by Feb. 17th!


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LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! Really looking forward to @KeishaBlain and @DrIbram's #400Souls virtual book tour! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackStudies #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2021

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.@DrIbram & I are so excited to announce the dates of our #virtual #book tour for #FourHundredSouls! We're making stops at @NMAAHC, @SchomburgCenter, @BNBuzz & more! Please join us! See the link below for details. @penguinrandom @OneWorldLit

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Ohhh, @seminewblack will be at @DigBlk's morning writing sessions?!?!?!? #Blktwitterstorians #BlackStudies

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@profgabrielle @RavynnKaMia @CulturedModesty @blkstudysbrandi @dgburgher @NASEMFordFellow Open to faculty?

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@kbphd08, Running from Bondage: Enslaved Women and Their Remarkable Fight for Freedom in Revolutionary America, (@cambUP_History). #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackinVastEarlyAmerica #VastEarlyAmerica @kawulf @annebailey63 @Ed_Baptist @ABWHTruth

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Oh yeah, it is definitely fellowship season outchea in these Blackademic streets. Lord, be with us all. Amen. #Blktwitterstorians #AcademicPrayers #BlackinVastEarlyAmerica #BreatheJit

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FR FR, these spots better not lowball the Black historians and other scholars giving King Day and BHM talks. #Blktwitterstorians

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@citeblackwomen @ASALH @blackprogen @TFBWL @harriettsbooks @BooksNCrannies_ @Abantu_ @emarvelous @haymarketbooks #Blktwitterstorians #BlackStudies #BlackStudents #Project1619 #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #bhm

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“It’s possible to be a revolutionary and grow old.” #BlkTwitterstorians #BlackStudies

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Abra Lee (@ConquerTheSoil) is absolutely blowing my mind tonight talking about Black women horticulturists, gardeners & florists @CummerMuseum — her archival work & stories will be of interest to #blktwitterstorians!

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Alice Walker on the beauty of seeing revolutionaries in old age

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Anyone out there planning to teach *The Immortals* this spring, summer or fall? I'd love to come speak with you and your students about translation of Haitian texts, feminist translation praxis, and/or just the book itself. @SUNYPress

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Cokie Roberts Fellowship for Women’s History will award up to $12K for new research @USNatArchives for article/essay, book, or other academic publication that elevates women’s history. Applicants must be grad students, journalists, historians, or authors.

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ALSO, to those awaiting for graduate school application replies, be sure to check your spam. Almost four years to this day I received my first acceptance from USC in the spam folder. I almost deleted that sucka! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians

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There is a comfy seat on the @NewBooksAfroAm couch waiting for you and your co-editor, @clnfairfax! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackinVastEarlyAmerica #VastEarlyAmerica

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When white (and white identifying) people call government officials and workers "traitors" what they really mean is that their system of reality erases Black + indigenous existence.
#UnderTheBlackLight #PlaguesOfWhiteness #LostCause #ApartheidState #blktwitterstorians

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Comrades, so grateful for your interest. If you care to order, see this-

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Research Associate (Sawyer Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow): "a scholar pursuing research on notions and practices of race and racialization in the Middle East/North Africa and among Middle Easterners/North Africans in the U.S." #Blktwitterstorians

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An important oral history project about Black Southern Appalachian folk!

@WCU_Library's Western North Carolina Tomorrow’s Black Oral History Project.

Seen this @WCU_GBS?!?! #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #BlackAppalachia @LillyKnoepp

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Hot off the presses!

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A wonderful Roundtable! Check out the last addition. #twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians

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In today’s post on @BlkPerspectives, we continue our roundtable with @CivilHumanRight on Robert T. Chase’s, We Are Not Slaves (@uncpressblog), with an essay from Cheryl D. Hicks (@CherylDHicks1), “Prisoners’ Rights, Resistance, and the Law” — @AAIHS

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Mark your Calendars for this star studded #webinar hosted by the @DuBoisUMass !!
@ABWHTruth @eboninerd @blackleftaf @drashleyfarmer @ABWHTruth @JAAHistory #blktwitterstorians #Register #January21 #2021

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Join us on Thursday, January 21 at 5pm EST for a virtual webinar featuring @blackleftaf, @eboninerd and @drashleyfarmer.

Title: Resisting Repression: W. E. B. Du Bois, Shirley Graham Du Bois and the Surveillance State

Please register to attend here:

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Pondering an idea for work. Since I'm not in academia, I'm woefully unconnected. Anyone know of any awesome Black historians in/around the Charlotte area, specifically folks who've specialized in Reconstruction, Redemption, Lost Cause, Civil Rights Era? #BlkTwitterstorians #CLT

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@ValpoU: Assistant Professor of History - 19th Century U.S. History #Blktwitterstorians #twitterstorians #VastEarlyAmerica

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Early Americanists: A reminder to submit your proposals for the inaugural David Center for the American Revolution Seminar @AmPhilSociety for Spring 2021. Deadline Friday. #AmericanRevolution CFP here:

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CALL FOR PAPERS for next year's #BlackHistory Theme:
"The #BlackFamily: Representation, Identity, & Diversity"

Learn more @


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@eugenejohnson_ I’m Carl Suddler. PhD in History @IUBloomington — Assistant Professor of History @EmoryUniversity ... research interests around 20 c. AfAm (esp. youth, race, and crime) New book:

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