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@SonySportsIndia ANSWER: Juventus (Stadio Olimpico Rome, 1996)

#SirfSonyPeDikhega #Juventus #JUVPOR #UCL  #Contest #SonyTenFantasticNights #ContestAlert

@spnsportsIndia @SocialOffline #SonyTenFantasticNights

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Cassano : « L'Inter Milan a été ridicule en #UCL, le championnat italien est modeste par rapport à la Champions League. Cette saison, ils ont terminé la phase de groupes derrière le Shakhtar !
C'est le problème de Conte, ce type n'a pas compris qu'il n'était pas Guardiola. »

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🎙Sebastian Kehl [BVB head of first team football] on Erling Haaland 🇳🇴: “We assume that he will stay beyond the summer and become an even better player with us.” [sport bild] #BVB #UCL

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Le club affronte le @eagles_london en barrage de #UCL et perd.

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Le match retour, c’est dans une semaine ! ⚡️

Après s’être imposé 4-1 au Camp Nou, les Parisiens ont fait un grand pas vers la qualification.

De son côté, la dernière élimination du Barça en huitième de finale d’ #UCL date de 2007.

Réponse mercredi prochain. 🔥

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Désastre total dans ces Play Off ou le club favoris remporte les 3 match, (@DeportivoChelRp )
Brentford se qualifie vers les barrage de #UCL

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Cristiano #Ronaldo is not your mate!


Siiiiiiiuuuuuuu! Mr UCL...UEFA CRISTIANO LEAGUE!

Choose your GOAT wisely! #UCL

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28 years ago today...

@RomarioOnze doing bits to set up Arthur Numan

92-93 #UCL
March 3 1993
Group B
@PSV 1 @IFKGoteborg 3

And it wasn't even the best goal of the game...

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🗣️ En marzo tenemos los partidos de vuelta de los octavos de final de @ChampionsLeague 🏆

El @Atleti tendrá que remontar frente al @ChelseaFC tras este golazo de Giroud 🎯


[📹 @ChampionsLeague ]

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@ManUtd away at palace tonight, 815 kick off. Have to get the win tonight & getting tight for those #UCL places.
Will also have 1 eye on Barca in #CopaDelRey 2nd leg as should be quite a game with Sevilla 2- 0 up from 1st leg.

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#JuveSpezia #morata e #Bernardeschi cambiano volto alla #Juve di #pirlo regalano un senso più ampio all undici iniziale(che nel pt risulta spuntato e in grande difficoltà a colpire se non singolarmente)e la #Juventus resta attaccata al treno #ucl con flebile speranza nella vetta.

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#OnThisDay in 1⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣

🚀💥 Giovane Elber 🆚 Kaiserslautern ⚽️🎯💪

#UCL | @FCBayern | @FCBayernEN | @FCBayernUS

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Manchester 28maggio2003 #UCL FUMANO ANCORA.... GODO. #milanjuventus #juvemerda #acm

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Ramos 🔥
Maldini ❌
Ronaldo 💪
Buffon ❌

UEFA have named their greatest #UCL XI of all time!

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@GuillaumeTarpi Nous aimons son " A jamais ensemble" un clin d'oeil à #ucl

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@chemicalbrodar Wizkid 02 arena show was in October 19 2019 and Champions league final was 1st of June 2019 between English sides Tottenham and Liverpool !!! I don’t see how @chemicalbrodar tweets here correlate !!!! # #UCL football

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(☀️) Bayern Munich can afford Erling Haaland 🇳🇴 - but they won't bid for him. [@cfbayern] #FCBayern #UCL

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Buon compleanno, David Neres 🎂


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Jadon Sancho 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 has been directly involved in 15 goals in his last 13 matches for Borussia Dortmund. 🔥 #BVB #UCL

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📆 Y como 𝐇𝐎𝐘 es día 3⃣...

¡Recordamos al gran Roberto Carlos! ¡Leyenda de la Champions League! 🙌🤩

#UCL | @Oficial_RC3

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#سیتی ٢١ بازی متوالی رو برده! شانس اول #ucl هست بدون شک.

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🔜 die nächsten Spiele für unsere Blues!

Innerhalb von fünf Tagen spielen wir zweimal gegen eine Mannschaft aus Liverpool! Beide Spiele sind extrem wichtig - schaffen wir es, die 6 Punkte mitzunehmen? 🤔

#SkyPL #UCL #FACup

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Today is the anniversary of this fantastic volley from @JP_Papin

92-93 #UCL
Group B
March 3rd 1993
@FCPorto 0 @ACMilan 1


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A study was done @UCL_ICN and found that the right parietal lobe is responsible for dyscalculia.

However, dyscalculia has not been given the same attention as other learning differences and the underlying brain cause of dyscalculia is still a mystery.

#UCL #dyscalculia #brain

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@LCFC_FR Faut pas lâcher les foxes cette année doit être la bonne 🤝🏻 #UCL

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Boys if she asks ‘kya chahte ho’ say ‘ #UCL ’ wtf is aap ko ffs

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@TeamCRonaldo UEFA Cristiano League... #UCL Siiiiuuuuuuu... @Cristiano

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@Vettel_AMR @Cristiano @AlvaroMorata @PauDybala_JR should be fit enough for Quarters of #UCL If they're we will easily be in finals & favourite to win UCL also

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@TrollFootball Westham in the #UCL debate

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@skinnerzboy @MLiebreich @comadad @LBC @MayorofLondon @MattWestern_ @steveallenshow @NickFerrariLBC @MickWhitleyMP @markibishop @BusSafetyRep Best listing I have is 44 deaths
Worst hit Garage = X (1% if drivers)
Just 1 death (Stagecoach - 3065/Abellio - 2100)
Deaths still reporting Metroline/RATP/Arriva
4 deaths no i/d, garage(s)
Worst rate Metroline 486 per 100K
DM for detail (dog & e-mail)
#UCL(TfL) study = flaws?

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#CristianoRonaldo is the first player to score 20+ goals in each of the last 12 seasons in the top-5 European Leagues. [SOURCE: @Squawka]

#Cristiano #Ronaldo #CR7 #Juventus #ForzaJuve #SerieA #RealMadrid #HalaMadrid #ManUtd #GOAT #Football #Calcio #Portugal #UCL #CoppaItalia #PL

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If Guardiola fails to deliver the #UCL trophy to the Blue Half of Manchester this season, he should forget about that glory coming to Etihad

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- Arrests 👮‍♀️
- $1.6 billion debt 💸
- Messi on the outer 🧙‍♂️
- A #UCL exit looming

Whoever wins the Barcelona presidency is facing an incredibly difficult job.

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Westham to qualify for #UCL

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This week will define Barcelona's future.

@mmescobar_ reports on the election that awaits, and the first tasks of the new president.

Read the amazing story here 📝

#OptusSport #UCL

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Which team will beat Man City and stop their incredible winning streak? 🛑

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Boys if she asks ‘kya chahte ho’ say ‘aap ko’ wtf is 10 crore ffs

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