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It's time we go beyond gear and motivational quotes. This is your chance to become an #HRXAthlete. Tell us your fitness goal for 2021 on and we'll help you achieve it 💪🏽

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‘Lifting’ all those gifts demanded the right gear 😏

Santa’s gotten his HRX TR-100 trainers, have you? 💪🏼

Merry Christmas from the HRX Family 🎄
Buy your TR-100:
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX

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LACE UP, here comes another year. What does your fitness resolution look like? 🤔

Get the finest HRX gear at unbelievable prices at the Myntra End Of Reason Sale until the 24th of December ⏰
Explore our latest collection and #TurnItUpWithHRX
Explore now:

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Your hustle meets comfort with the HRX Joggers 🔥 Grab your favourite HRX gear at Min. 50% off during the Myntra End Of Reason Sale. Let's #TurnItUpWithHRX:

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Min. 50% off on the HRX store until the 24th of December. Get ready to #TurnItUpWithHRX 💪 at the Myntra End Of Reason Sale.
To explore:

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All warmed up? 🤸 Now let’s #TurnItUpWithHRX. Get the finest HRX gear at unbelievable prices at the Myntra End Of Reason Sale 🔥
To explore:

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Get your resolutions ready, cause here comes your favourite HRX gear at unbelievable prices.

The Myntra End Of Reason Sale is almost live.

Start wishlisting and get ready to #TurnItUpWithHRX💪🏽:

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From adapting to conquering, 2021 is ours to own. Crush those goals in style 💪🏼

The finest HRX gear at unbelievable prices only at the Myntra End Of Reason Sale.

Gear up to #TurnItUpWithHRX:


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Feel more convenient 🤗♥️with #TurnItUpWithHRX from home bcos can choose d time & d video easy to follow 👌🏾👍🏽 Thnk u 😘 #HRX❤️ #TurnItUpWithHRX , #keepgoing

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No equipment, no problem. Join our FREE calisthenics 🤸 movement for all ages session with Kishlay Kumar at 6 PM 🕕 this Saturday, 19th December on the HRX Fitness Collective 💪

Join now:

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In this year unlike any other, how did you #TurnItUpWithHRX from home? Tell us in the comments 👇🏽
Shop Now:
Sports Bra -
Yoga Tights -

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Been shopping and want more? You’re at the right place. Buy 1 Get 50% off, Buy 2 Get 60% off at the #HRXFitnessFest🤸until midnight on @myntra
Let’s #TurnItUpWithHRX:

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Want to #KeepGoing? Why not do it in style with the #HRXFitnessFest? 😎

3 simple steps: Head to Myntra where gear is at FLAT 999 until 5 PM. Shop your heart out, and get ready to #TurnItUpWithHRX.

Ready? Set. Go:

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It's time to #TurnItUpWithHRX 🔥
Presenting our new work, HRX Fitness Fest Campaign for @HRX X @myntra with @iHrithik

Celebrate 7 years of @hrxbrand with #HRXFitnessFest 💪
Watch the film-

#HrithikRoshan #HRX #KeepGoing #productionhouse #purposestudios

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The workout boon, now at noon, disappearing soon! ⏰

Join the #HRXFitnessFest on Myntra and get FLAT RS. 999 off on gear only till 5 PM today. Don't waste any more time, and #TurnItUpWithHRX:

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You’ve scrolled through our store. Now, get an EXTRA 10% off on everything on HRX 🤯

You heard that right. Valid for only 2 hours on the #HRXFitnessFest.
No more time to waste, let’s #TurnItUpWithHRX:

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Crush your goals in the latest HRX gear as we take on another year 💪🏽

We’re celebrating 7 years of persistence with the HRX Fitness Fest.

24 hours of unbelievable discounts across our store starts now. Let’s #TurnItUpWithHRX 💯
Explore our products on:

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7 years of HRX. 7 years of unparalleled dedication. Let the celebrations begin 🔥

Unbelievable offers on the entire HRX store for only 24 hours.

Gear up, it’s time to #TurnItUpWithHRX 💪🏽:

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Reposted from @hrxbrand 7 years of HRX. 7 years of unparalleled dedication. Let the celebrations begin 🔥

Unbelievable offers on the entire HRX store for only 24 hours

Gear up, it’s time to #TurnItUpWithHRX 💪🏽

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24 hours of unbelievable offers starting at midnight. The HRX Fitness Fest is back. #TurnItUpWithHRX

Midnight - 2 AM: Extra 10% off on everything 🤑
Midnight - 10 AM: Buy 1 Get 2 Free 💯
10 AM - 5 PM: FLAT ₹999 🤩
5 PM - Midnight: Buy 1 at 50%, Buy 2 at 60%

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Start wishlisting now:
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX

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@hrxbrand @iHrithik #hrxfitness #keepgoing #7yearsofhrx @hrithikroshan ... HRX is Just awesome in athleisure and inspires people towards fitness and a healthy life in the best way... comfortable and stylish #turnitupwithHRX congratulations on 7 years

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Today, HRX turns seven years old in a year unlike any other.

Together we’ve been challenged and we’ve overcome. We #KeepGoing 💯

Thank you for being part of our journey to motivate and inspire.

Now, let’s #TurnItUpWithHRX 🔥

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Come strengthen your core with Kishlay today at 6 PM on the HRX Fitness Collective:
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX

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Join our community of fitness enthusiasts who eat, sleep and breathes yoga 🧘🏾‍♂️
Exclusive access to daily workouts, training sessions and active trackers to help monitor your progress.
Ready to #TurnItUpWithHRX?

Join Now:


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We've seen you #TurnItUpWithHRX, its now time to go further ⚡
Introducing the HRX Fitness Collective. A community that embodies our mantra to #KeepGoing, no matter what 💯

Join our virtual community now:

#KeepGoing #HRXFitnessCollective

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With @BarMan2901 we're learning the not-so-new rules of indulging while working out 🍫

Read on as we say goodbye to the guilt of eating your favourite childhood foods:

#KeepGoing #GuiltFreeEating #TurnItUpWithHRX

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Dear @iHrithik it's almost a year and fans are still waiting...

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Crush those fitness goals and do it in style 💯 with @hrxbrand
It's the final day of Myntra's Big Fashion Festival. Grab your gear and let's #TurnItUpWithHRX:

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Earbuds that won't drop until you do 🔥

Get your hands on the HRX X-Drops 9G on Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale and your workouts are bound to go a notch higher 👀

Shop now:
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX #HRXAudio

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Earphones with heavy duty bass to match your heavy duty workouts 🔥

Grab the HRX X-Wave 7Rs for an unbelievable price on Flipkart's Big Billion Days.

Sweatproof with a steady grip, its time to #TurnItUpWithHRX:
#HRXAudio #KeepGoing

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#ITRAINLIKEVIDYUTJAMMWAL #vidyutjamwal #countryboy #jammwalions @VidyutJammwal #belimitless #bejunglee #turnitupwithhrx @VaishaliJadon @VidyutJammwal @vidyuts_maniac @abbassayyed771 @AlifiyahHaji #ITRAINLIKEVIDYUTJAMMWAL #vidyutjammwal #jammwalions #countryboy #yoga #yogaasan

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We're putting you to the test. Let's see what you got 💪🏽

So select your favourites music and get ready to #TurnItUpWithHRX

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We interrupt your scrolling to remind you to stretch
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX #YogaWithHRX

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SWEAT. Your instant workout gratification
#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX @SweatWithHRX

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. @iHrithik If you wanna Turn It Up, you gotta Turn Up.
Comedy, action, romantic, period drama whatever you chose.
Cause when you sign a new film, half the battle is won,
And the other half has just begun.

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