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@annieboolove73 @YouGonGetThisW1 @ShawnTheDon8 @babypinkvegas Good luck on keeping a man outside of “bottom of the barrel” gutter sex..
#Staymad and ugly ✌🏾

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@Declansayshi @shomaristone @jackiebensen Because you can't be a part of the solution and the problem. #staymad

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#Meghan was unappreciated and used as a scapegoat to cover up other #royalfamilymenbers' sins & missteps. #trainwreck by #futurefutures...let's talk about the #Sussexes & the money they're making. Ugh. Old. Boring. Meghan is a great orator. She's beautiful AND smart. #staymad

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I think she is a tremendous public speaker," Smith explained. "She is very, very articulate too and it is a gift that she brought to the Royal Family, a gift that was not properly appreciated."

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@Saundraaa Me at jealous, racist, miserable people:


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#Staymad 😤😤 mujimuji

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@justinoverit @38BARBIIE mad cuz my fav dont fw your fav😫😫 #staymad

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@trvialovers IDC ‼️ it still goes hard as fuck #staymad

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@laurenboebert Two terms
Zero impeachments

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@NikkiHaley @standamericanow Your daily reminder that you'll NEVER be president! #StayMad

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@ladyogrady Yeah, why so damned ornery and contrary all the damn time? Who only loves folks who think just like them? Without any rational for conflicting views & hypocrisy. #StayMad

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@washingtonpost Shove it down their throats like a Supreme Court nominee. The long term damage is way less than that shitshow they enabled. He better have some backbone. #staymad #M4All

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You are a bully and your not grown up enough to admit it in your little livingroom fantasy world.

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Time to face the harsh reality, socialist Bernie Sanders will become the chairman of the Sen Budget Committee. He has vowed to use his position to enact his progressive agenda on healthcare, climate, infrastructure spending, & cutting defense spending.

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They're unraveling fast and it's beautiful to watch 🤪😁

#JamieDornan #AmeliaWarner #hatersgonnahate #staymad

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All within 24 hours:
1. Millie was nominated for two awards.
2. Jamie commented on Millie's IG post.
3. Dakota did an interview wearing her ring.
4.There's news that Dakota bought a new home with Chris.

➡️The duhmies are shook 😂🤣

#JamieDornan #AmeliaWarner #staymad #duhmies

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We dont care lol #StayMad

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All that to drop a stinker in the final

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I know this reporting on BOTH parties makes powerful folks mad. We don't care.

We are grassroots funded, which means we can't do this kind of reporting without you. Please become a supporting subscriber here to help us do more:

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@anon_individual Yes and nobody cares so cars will continue to be made #staymad

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im gonna fuck my rtx 3090 that i have 20 models of because i am a scalper, get mad im making money, just shut up and take it 🤣🤣🤣


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“Democrats only committed to holding [ #Trump & Co.] accountable . . . once they were directly & personally targeted . . . but if it requires this level of personal fury to convince [them] to take their responsibilities seriously, I hope they can #StayMad”.

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Oh the humanity! #StayMad

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as a somewhat longtime fan it's so funny how hellers have always been awful in the EXACT same way. like i just stumbled across this (cringey) tumblr post i reblogged in april of 2013... they've been whining for nearly a decade and still got nothing for it lmao i almost feel bad

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Minions censoring Jared's name in their hateful tweets as if we and everybody else already don't know how disgusting they are! Keep being mad hellers! 😂 🖕🖕

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@JenniferRoseNYC It's the #staymad at the IMMEDIATE end of the caption for me.

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@THAT_G_I_R_L_ Naw I'm actually in my 20s


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idolmaster is better than berserk #STAYMAD #SLAYKENTAROMIURA

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@Kronjunk45 @MachineGunKA @Tama_Tonga @KennyOmegamanX Tama can #StayMad 😂

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@TokyooWRLD @HandOfAzazael @CalamityLW @PsychoTSB @HeatherMahReee @RevengeThaRack @LWGgamingclan I'm hope your need to project on me is as fulfilling for you as you need. You are a known liar. You only came into this convo to cause issues. You aren't a pos. I wouldn't dare talk about shit like that. You are the parasitic virus that lives in shit. 😘 #StayMad

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