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The Nick Saban Show's Iron Bowl edition is here...
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@AlexMcDaniel Why is everyone so surprised at less than honorable behavior on this swamp, er platform? The young lady doesn’t deserve the inappropriate comments delivered. Contrived or not, in fairness, it seemed more publicity than necessity. #RollTide

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He must’ve watched the #IronBowl and saw what ⁦@AlabamaFTBL⁩ defensive true freshman did to the ⁦@AuburnFootball⁩ offense. 😂🤣😂
#RollTide 🐘🅰️🏈

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As long as y'all leave Steve Sarkisian alone, we good.
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@ArnoldTerrion You already Bruh! #RollTide 🐘

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Michigan Football Coaching Hot Board...

NEW - 10 Candidates That Could Be Hired - IF Jim Harbaugh Is Fired

Now on YouTube - WATCH:

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@ewhigham Like, the Biletnikoff should already be on a Amazon truck with Prime delivery and a photo confirmation! 🏆📸 #RollTide 🐘🏈

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@RexChapman Something most of us knew the #wholetimeaboutFoxnews and all of its channels from the get go. They never vet anything and a court has rule that most of their shows you don’t tune in for the truth. #RollTide #RollTide

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Check in on Alabama's rivals today...they are not OK.

The Tide dominate this week's tracker with three players in the top eight! Check out all the changes in the tracker and who reps Bama! #BamaFactor #RollTide @BamaFactor @TidalTowel @Crimsoncolored

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forever grateful for their sacrifices that has allowed me to play for this great university today! #RollTide

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LSU hate week. @Coach_EdOrgeron WE COMIN. #RollTide

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Looking forward the the spring. 🔜


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Bama took a beating last night but we will be just fine...lots of clean up to do but we definitely have the personnel to do it💯💯💯 #RollTide

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Not enough being said about the staff that Nick Saban has assembled at #Alabama. They have this team peaking at just the right time. The Crimson Tide is a nightmare for opposing coaches.

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Dud vs. Stud. #RollTide

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They ALL played in the Biggest games!
They ALL compete against the best of the best, DAILY! Cause iron sharpens iron!
They ALL got Championship jewelry!
They are ALL, ELITE receivers! #RollTide 🐘🏈👐🏾

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Today is #GivingTuesday, which means it's a great day to support @TheGorgasHouse, the oldest building on the @UofAlabama campus!


#RollTide #RTR #Museum #Museums #HistoricHouse #History #Tuscaloosa #Alabama #TideTogether #TodayAtUA

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#Alabama with 13 commitments in the updated #Rivals100 including four new additions: Dallas Turner, Deontae Lawson, Agiye Hall and Kadarius Calloway. We are talking the complete list here- @bamainsider @Rivals #RollTide #AlabamaFootball

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Gonna need scholarship checks on the whole Auburn team! LOL! #RollTide

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Iron Bowl 2020 BreakDown

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Interesting with this being LSU Week. #CollegeFootball #RollTide #BAMAvsLSU

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Revisit a clip from “The Riley & Constant Show” where @AlabamaFTBL legends Courtney Upshaw and Jerrell Harris reveal some interesting secrets about their recruiting: . It’s worth a look. Please hit “like” and “subscribe”. #CollegeFootball #RollTide

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Today is #GivingTuesday. The #Alabama football team celebrated early this year by giving an absolute beat down to #Auburn on Saturday. #RollTide

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Bama gon F them boys up #RollTide

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Who else remembers Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell? 🐐🐐♥️ ♥️ Yeah, I'm old as Moses too! #RollTide

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Watching replays of LSU, it looks like Coach O hasn’t put in a second of work in 2020 since lifting the national championship trophy in January. #GeauxTigers #lsuhateweek #RollTide #alabamafootball

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Brains+Brawn=Physically Dominate Football Team #RollTide

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Haven't been very active past few days. Huge load at work. But...we are back. #Alabama recruiting video tonight @JamesYoder? Yeah, let's run that!

#RollTide #TeamTideTalk

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To see programs offered at The @UofAlabama x @UAGradSchool , visit:

See information on other test waivers (GRE/GMAT) due to Covid-19:

Apply here:

Student Ambassadors:


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@Xavierworthy2 #Bama family #RollTide brother ❤️❤️❤️

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The whole "if it doesn't translate to the field" deal is absolutely amazing. So glad to have y'all in a different shade of red now!
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Career high passing TDs ☑️
Tie an #IronBowl record ☑️
Beat your rival ☑️

This week's CFB #USALLIN Alum of the Week is @MacJones_10. #RollTide

📸: @AlabamaFTBL

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Breaking Barriers: The Story of Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell

Thank you to Wilbur and John for their courage and leadership. #RollTide

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Looking to bounce back tonight!

📍 Asheville, N.C. (Harrah's Cherokee Center)
🕣 8:30 PM CT/9:30 PM ET
📻Crimson Tide Sports Network
📺 ESPN2 |

#RollTide | #BlueCollarBasketball

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Fifty years ago, Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell broke barriers and changed the course of the Alabama football program forever. This is their story …

Watch the full video ➡️

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Want to see what happens when athletes fully commit and S&C/Sports Med/Sports Sci fully integrate? Power just keeps going up. @UA_CoachBallou killing in-season programming.

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My affection for LSU is well documented. Unfortunately sometimes when you love someone you have to deliver tough news - and that time is now.

There's a TV-MA splattering coming Saturday.

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Since it’s LSU Hate Week

Derrick Henry vs Leonard Fournette 🙂

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@Xavierworthy2 Welcome Home 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

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