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Bruno Fernandes took that personally and decided to score a free-kick. 😅

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The most points in a Premier League season was Chelsea with 95 points in 2004-05 season. #FIFA #PL

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نعم تم انتقاده كثيرا وكان يستحق ذلك 100% لكن حان وقت انصاف عمل سولشاير الكبير وقيادته لمان يونايتد هذا الموسم

منذ الخروج الأوروبي ، الفريق تحول واصبح متماسك وقوي فنياً وايضاً تطور مستوى العناصر بشكل كبير جدا وهذه امور تحسب لسولشاير بالطبع، مع تواجد نجم بمستويات ثابتة "برونو"

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An encouraging performance yesterday, much better than of late, at least we’re back to scoring. We mustn’t look back only forwards. 5 #PL games await, before #CL resumes. We must stay united cos we are stronger together. We are walking through a storm but we do it together #YNWA

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هنا في بداية يناير ذكرت بأن ليفربول يحتاج لصفقات هو يملك فريق غير مكتمل و الآن مع الاصابات اصبح الوضع " كارثي " و الإدارة هي السبب الأول لكن ليس الوحيد طبعاً في سوء مستوى الفريق !

فريق اصبح مهزوز جداً و اخشى عليه من الأنهيار التي بدأت بوادره في الظهور الآن !

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Arsenal transfer news and rumours: January transfer window 2021 | Football News | Sky Sports

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Around 63% of the Premier League’s players are non-British players. #FIFA #PL #Import

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* * #PL #Praiselife #pltheartist returns to #MusicLov3rz January #NewSingle #NEWFEET inspired by #Psalm51v10v11 #CCM

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Les événements climatiques extrêmes ont fait 480.000 morts en 20 ans

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Rewind 🔟 years for Rodrigo's first-ever #PL goal 🇪🇸


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Will it take #TampaBay @Buccaneers to win the @SuperBowl for Glazers to Invest in rather than pull the money out from @ManUtd?!


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Les termites font l'objet de recherches en tant que source d'énergie renouvelable possible car ils peuvent produire jusqu'à 2 litres d'hydrogène en ingérant une seule feuille de papier #pl

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" Sometimes young players think they can play easily in the first team, but that's not true. " - #Conte #CFC #leadership #PL

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@UnitedAk333 @theredarmy92 tammy, jorghino, pulisic , havertz combined #pl stats {10 goals 6 assists} @B_Fernandes8 stats {11 goals 7 assists}

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Elon Musk offrira 100 millions de dollars à celui qui créera la meilleure technologie de capture du Carbone #pl

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Fernandes’ brilliance leaves Klopp wondering when Liverpool nightmare will end

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Don't be unhappy with how another won, instead be unhappy with how your team failed to win. As from us at #mufc that was supposed to be a second yellow for Fabinho, Mane should have gone for an early shower

We are likely to play our next #PL game from 2nd sport we want to focus

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Ghana Premier League wrap: Bioh’s effort condemns Asante Kotoko to defeat in Accra |

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The highest Premier League attendance was 76,398 for Man Utd vs. Blackburn in 2007 #FIFA #PL

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🤷‍♂️ “Everyone’s crowing about Utd, we gave them a game with a weak defence!”

😡 “Cavani dived for the free kick, that should be a booking! Cheat!”

😤 “ #MUFC were so worried about us they had to [cheat] to win!”

This #LFC fan isn’t happy with how Man Utd won their FA Cup tie!

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Climat: près de 500.000 personnes tuées lors d’événements météo extrêmes en 20 ans

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The most red cards Premier League record is held by Patrick Viera, Duncan Ferguson and Richard Dunne – all with 8 #FIFA #PL #RedCard

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🔊 Pod #261: We debate the typical ⚔️ sword vs shield 🛡️ approach to #FPL considering injuries to KDB and Vardy and so many premium players out of form. Plus Salah, Man City defense, and our #GW20 preview. #PL #hailcheaters #MFFA 🎧 Listen & subscribe 👇

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Guardiola expects Garcia to leave Man City

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Day 4 | Bhor Premier League | 2021

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In a city where football is non-existent, a bunch of football fanatics have come together & set up an association- Jaipur Football Fans Assemble (JFFA), which aims to unite all football fans under a roof & give a platform for the beautiful game to grow in #Jaipur

#PL @PLforIndia

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Atalanta’s unique freekick routine | MARCA in English

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#DidYouKnow: @TrentAA is the only #PL player across the last 5⃣ seasons to not complete a single cross with over 1⃣2⃣ attempts in a game? 😱

He was 0⃣ off 1⃣8⃣ in #LIVBUR! 🤯

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The first Premier League goal of the season award went to Dalian Atkinson for Villa against Wimbledon. #FIFA #PL

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Manchester Uniteds #PL position

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Termites are being researched as a possible renewable energy source as they can produce up to 2 liters of hydrogen from ingesting a single sheet of paper, making them one of the planet's most efficient bioreactors [read more: ]

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#ElonMusk (@elonmusk) offrira 100 millions de dollars à celui qui créera la meilleure technologie de capture du #Carbone 🌍 @BIFrance

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ليفربول وهو مكتمل الصفوف كان يحتاج لصفقات وذكرت ذلك قبل بداية الموسم، فما بالك بعد عدة اصابات و مستويات "كارثية" من ابرز النجوم!

كلوب قام بعمل عظيم الفترة الماضية لكن صعب جداً ان يستمر بهذه العناصر ، ميركاتو يناير فرصة اما استمرار في القمة او ربما سنشاهد " انهيار " كبير

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