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Superstar Dick spread it like covid #NoCeilings3

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That Burner song by Wayne is crazy man #noceilings3

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I don’t care #NoCeilings3 bump!

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What are your top 5 songs from both sides of Lil Wayne's #NoCeilings3 mixtape?!

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@LilTunechi Go Weezy Go!!
Love #Noceilings3

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Superstar sh*t, smellin' like roses,
Superstar d*ck, spread it like COVID ... 🎵
#LilWayne #TylerHerro #Noceilings3

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Got killer instincts but I spit that vaccine,
I'm only hittin' raw if I hit a couple times,
Already with the rubber and the shit didn't stink,
Had a chain, gave my brother, we forever in a link ....... 🎶🎶
#TylerHerro #Bigsean #Noceilings3

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "Fuck whatever you tryna say, them words hold no kinda weight; You ain't even got a pound in the safe, but I pound your face"

View the full "Burner" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "Got a mouth full of karats and I don't eat carrots"

View the full "Baggin" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "Need some water, I'mma pop me a blue dolphin, that's for Nip; And I can’t go without the sip, bitch I've been sippin' since Lil Flip"

View the full "Pop Off" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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The fact @BigSean ate on Tyler Hero with Wayne make me respect him more as an artist cause can't to rappers do that!

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Wayne is that one student that come to the class late af but his work keeps evolving NONSTOP @LilTunechi #NC3 #noceilings3

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "Make a nigga see his own blood, start urinating; Blood gang, blood, like blood, we be circulatin'; Pow! In the morning, leave 'em lookin' like turkey bacon"

View the full "Peanut Butter" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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#noceilings3 is fucking horrible, fuck it I said it...Wayne's bars needs to grow tf up. 🤣

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "I'm a God among Satans, I'm the doc that lost patience; I went from the judge sentence to a fuckin' fashion statement"

View the full "Beauty And The Beat" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "They tryna put me in the can, she nervous; Bae I’m a man, I don’t mind I’ll serve it; Just pray for your man, pray your honor have mercy; She never leave me, she so down"

View the full "Low Down" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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Sometimes it’s facts ,
sometimes it’s lies,
but they tell you scroll down
cuz they shady

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Lil Wayne Quote Of The Day: "I've been practicing my fade away; I'm faded off this Actavis, just call it Faderade"

View the full "Layaway" lyrics off #NoCeilings3:

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@DatPiff your app sucks. I can’t listen to #noceilings3 because of you! Fix it so I don’t have to delete the app! @LilTunechi

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Either I'm seeing double
or they two-faced
Double D's, these n***as too fake, uh #noceilings3

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#noceilings3 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤷🏼‍♂️ Wayne definitely did his gawdamn thang boiiii & they said he fell off 😂😂

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Where it belongs #noceilings3

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Lil Wayne #noceilings3 What ya think? . @Top_Xth

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I know I’ve been mad at Wayne, but why no one told me #NoCeilings3 was out?

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Check out @Reginae_Carter1 reveal which one of her brothers had the best song on Side A of @LilTunechi's #NoCeilings3 mixtape!

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Definitely want to thank #BCAA Systems for the support from the Czech, Republic 🇧🇿🍃

You can find my record Parking Lot at the 19:40 minute marker.

#RunOn #spotifyplaylist #NoCeilings3

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@LilTunechi #noceilings3 is muthafuqqin fire

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#PLA4 Prelude > #NoCeilings3 dont @ me 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I wore some Vans to a wedding
It was at the House of Versace me and Kanye was spotted he offered me some wings i told em don't even bother im already flyin #NoCeilings3

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Either I’m seeing double or they two face 😎 #noceilings3

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