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Why do you want to only celebrate my “abilities” if you haven’t accepted my disabilities?

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Saying 'That gave me flashbacks' when you don't have PTSD is akin to saying 'I'm a little bit OCD' when you don't in fact, have OCD. It's inaccurate & it's also annoying af for those of us that do have it bc it makes it harder for us be taken seriously. #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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TW: ableism, slurs

Playing my MMO and in a raid with other users, one of them called the accuracy check "crazy". I didn't have the spoons to debate ableism in a game meant for children, but"crazy" "insane" etc. are super ableist. #AbledsAreWeird #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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people really be getting mad at people for being disabled and identifying with their disabilities

because, y'know, we're who we are /with/ our disabilities. they've made us who we are. #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Being the parent or loved one of a disabled person does not make you their voice or an expert on disability issues. I'm especially glaring at you, autism moms

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can we honestly talk abt how ppl say autistics lack empathy yet what they do is want a cure for us n even be ableists? #AbledsAreWeird #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Ok here’s mine

“Disabled people aren’t y’all ableds clout and you don’t like it deal with it” #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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I'm 21 years old. It's difficult for me to tie my shoes. On some days I can't change my clothes without help. I struggle to speak in a comprehensible way.
I do not have "the mind of a child." I am a disabled adult.

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I’m autistic. I don’t have autism.


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see lots of medical professionals using the hashtag #ICannotStayHome. you know who else can't stay home? disabled people in need of frequent routine medical care, putting themselves at an even higher risk. #NoBodyIsDisposable #HighRiskCT

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And stop with the confined to a wheelchair or wheelchair bound. Do y’all wheelchair users have gorilla glue on your asses that allows you to be confined and didn’t tell us?


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Glad to hear Tiger has a chance to live a normal life. I don't care whether he plays golf again or catches Jack Nicklaus. Tiger has given me enough joy on the golf course. I'm good with the memories I have of him. I was worried about him being confined to a wheelchair.

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While Sia’s situation with Shia Labeouf and her film are still big.

Shia Labeouf played an autistic character in 2002 in the DCOM Tru Confessions and his character Eddie is so much more accurate than Music in Sia’s film.
#DisabilityTwitter #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable #autism

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Offend an Abled in one tweet.

I’ll go first:


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Very Important Tweet!!!!!!!!!! 🗣😕 #ActuallyAutistic #RETWEET #DisabilityTwitter #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #AllLivesMatter #BeKind #Advocate

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I wish people would make more effort to identify the reasons for an #autistic person's behaviour rather than just assuming the behaviour is bad if they think it's bad.

E.g. If an autistic person is screaming, don't blindly assume it's bad behaviour. They could be in a meltdown.

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#UnpopularOpinion but providing an OKU a job is not a special feat. The person has the skill set of a mechanic hence the work. Also are there correlation with how skilled you are as a mechanic with how much/less of hearing impaired you are? #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Y’all just wanna be able to say what you want without being held accountable 🤷🏾‍♀️ #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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We are absolutely not OK and I’ll be RTing these all day. #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Can y’all fucking STOP RTing and using tweets with ableist slurs in them? It’s really not that fucking hard.

Newsflash: “ally” You’re making the conscious decision to harm disabled people and repeatedly telling them they don’t matter.


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I am fed up with ignorance, and hate crimes against disabled people. Education key and ableism (discrimination against disabled people needs to end) #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable #Ableism #BillC7 #equality #disablednotdead #disabledvoices #healthcare #COVIDー19

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Having to use Vacation/PTO for sick leave and/or disaster leave (during a declared crisis) is ableist AF #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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#MakeAbleistsUncomfortable i refuse to take typos out of my tweets.

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If you’re a teacher and you treat unmasked neurodivergent children with less respect than masked and/or neurotypical ones you are the worst kind of person and I hope you rot in hell.

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Receptionist: We don’t do phone consults. We’re a gynaecologist.

Me: You know disabled people have gynaecological problems too.

(Also, was forcing pregnant women into a shared waiting room really the best they could do during COVID?)

#NEISvoid #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Tweet: [pithy remark containing ableist microaggressions]

Me: [replies to point out ableism]

Reply: ["it's not about you" or outright mockery]

Me: [*flaps wildly* this is the problem!]

#ActuallyAutistic #NEISvoid #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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In case it wasn't apparent to the left, plenty of disableds and autistics and others don't trust you either. It's infuriating to hear y'all call right-wing fascists ableist for mocking mental health only for you to then do the same thing yourselves.


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Dear Petron,

Congratulations & thank you sebab ada pekerja yang very helpful and friendly. Kiri tu OKU (pendengaran & bisu), kanan normal

Even dia OKU but he's really skillful like a true mechanic, mahir serba serbi boleh. Bila nak bagi tips taknak ambik sebab ikhlas bantu 😭

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Yes, I'm an adult. Yes, I have invisible disabilities. Yes, I do struggle with some things that most little kids get the hang of quickly. Thanks for noticing. But no. I don't want you pray for me. Or call me inspirational. I'm just a person #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Pop Quiz: What actually stops hard of hearing / disabled people from doing things?

A. Bing hard of hearing / disabled

B. Ableist assumptions about what we can do

If your answer is A you have a lot of learning to do.

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Do you know what? There are some posts that don’t need any explaining

This morning I woke up to this👇🏻

For the sake of everyone, I urge you just to read a few of the comments...

Only then might you feel as embarrassed as I am for these poor, ill-informed haters...

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WATCH: Twenty-six-year-old Egyptian actor Hagar Gamal is hearing-impaired, but it has not stopped her from singing and acting the musical numbers and plays she cannot hear

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Point no 2 is #ableist bullshot. How to get accommodations?

Don’t come at me that people will not hire you or fire you if they know. Apa jenis manusia la yg reject orang yg nak bekerja just on the basis of their health when you know jack about it?? #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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No. My life has not yet been prioritized because it's worth less than others.

"Stop you're being dramatic"

No, just disabled. #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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I refuse to say ‘handicapable.’ I don’t care if you’re a teacher. I see through you. That phrase is BEYOND corny #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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I hate the phrase ‘ausomely autistic’ #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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I am registered for the covid vaccine are you ?

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I challenge every writer right now to take a look at your current WIP & see how many times you used ableist phrases/slurs — cr*zy, id*ot, ins*ne, d*mb, st*pid, l*me, mor*n, tone deaf, blind eye, imb*cile etc — & replace them w/non-ableist language.


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4 benda yang TIDAK elok dikongsi dengan rakan sepejabat:

1⃣ Gaji
2⃣ Kesihatan
3⃣ Hal-hal peribadi
4⃣ Perubahan gaya hidup (ie rumah baru dll)

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