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@stangtfc @donnamburke22 @alexlowes22 DITTO plus amazing sportsmen, gentlemen and brothers. I hope you raise a glass to yourself and Stu for your parenting and enjoy a few weeks away from the edge of your seats! Happy birthday and happy Rest&Recovery @alexlowes22 & @SamLowes_22 #Team22 #lionhearts

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This is what ‘Change for Good’ looks like in 2020. 😀

Well done to Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey for creating @VitalMeals 👏

Congratulations for receiving recognition from #Lionhearts squad & this message from @MarcusRashford

Thanks for contributing & helping others to #MindTheGap 🙏

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What an incredible job you are doing Ayesha. I’m proud to have you as part of the team #Lionhearts @VitalMeals 👏🏼

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Top story: @England: 'Helping to feed those who need it most. Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey has gone above and beyond to support others through @VitalMeals ❤️

We went down to welcome her to our #Lionhearts squad – and surprise … , see more

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We're so proud to welcome you to our squad of #Lionhearts, Ayesha! ❤️

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Helping to feed those who need it most. Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey has gone above and beyond to support others through @VitalMeals ❤️

We went down to welcome her to our #Lionhearts squad – and surprise her with a message from @MarcusRashford!

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The 4 #Rotary Clubs in Kingston's COVID19 Relief Committee gave $10,150 to #LionHearts' Shawn Sergeant yesterday to help fund meals for two months. Don & Tanis Taylor (Frontenac), Sylvie DesHaies (Waterfront), Ana Sutherland (Cataraqui ), Peter Merkley & Paul Elsley (Kingston).

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Lionhearts are all about inclusivity! Learning about Diwali during today’s live meet! #lionhearts @Lionhearts118 @LRMSPride

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I just reviewed Lionhearts by Nathan Makaryk. #Lionhearts #NetGalley

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On LIONHEARTS: "For readers looking for a memorable story, characters to both love and hate, and ethical quandaries, this is an enjoyable read." - Historical Novel Society

#histfic #robinhood #nottingham #lionhearts #medieval

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This is absolutely fantastic and wonderful for students to learn valuable food skills and help the community. #lionhearts

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Ian Montgomery, Hospitality Teacher & Head Chef for LCVI: “When we learned that our cafeteria would not open due to the pandemic, we wanted to find a project that would keep the energetic vibe of our kitchen and still provide a unique experience for students."

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@ZKhrestinina @neiltyson I am a #Leo the #Lionhearts #Lion like #Sphinx always #CuriousCat #StudyIdeas #studywithme #studying #EgyptToday #egyptian #Egypt @DailyNewsEgypt #transmitting #earth #energy into #Atmosphere to #heal #hertz 8-13 #alphawaves also #receiving #Healing #cosmic #energies to #planet

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Big Cats of the Animal Kingdom
From different generation and breed, living in harmony - Tiger the King and Sweet Lioni - keeping her social distancing just right behind him. #catlovers, #BIGCats, #CatsOfTwitter, #TiGERNATiON, #lionhearts

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A powerful message from the leader of our #Lionhearts squad.

❤️ @captaintommoore


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Brilliant @imogen_ph you have even got Dad on TV now.
Your determination and dedication is fantastic and you are a role model for all those young footballers!
#girlpower #lionhearts

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Thank you @5_News for coming to visit me and raising the awareness of the #7MillionKeepieUppieChallenge. It would be wonderful to raise even more money for these 9 wonderful charities 😊

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Truly wonderful to see this, many congratulations @imogen_ph, 7,100,000 kick-ups is a phenomenal reach in this time and fundraising over £10,500 for all these wonderful key worker charities. Wonderful video below. #Lionhearts

#7MillionKeepieUppieChallenge for #CovidHeroes 🌈⚽️

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@England @imogen_ph Truly wonderful news! Many congratulations @imogen_ph, really deserved #7MillionKeepieUppieChallenge for #CovidHeroes 🌈⚽️


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Thank you so much @captaintommoore! So honoured to be part of the #lionhearts squad! Thankyou for inspiring me to do the #7MillionKeepieUppieChallenge you’re my idol! You are such an inspiration to me and so many people across the world! #CovidHeroes🌈⚽️

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Congratilulations @imogen_ph, it was brilliant to meet you at the #prideofbritainawards and give you a quick look at @captaintommoore’s #lionhearts england shirt and you now have your own. What a brilliant squad.

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#one love #oneheart #stayinthelight #Camelot #landofthefree #homeofthebrave🇺🇸 #lionhearts #wwg1wga #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

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That was quite a challenge you set yourself @imogen_ph. What an incredible achievement. I'm honoured to welcome you to the #Lionhearts squad 👏

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@England It was an amazing experience. I am so honoured to be part of the same #lionhearts squad as @captaintommoore and @thebodycoach Meeting the @Lionesses was brilliant. And you have helped me raise money for 9 #keyworker charities #7MillionKeepieUppieChallenge

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That’s just amazing @imogen_ph ❤️

Welcome to the #Lionhearts squad 👊🏽

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She has also been honoured in the FA’s #Lionhearts squad, which pays homage to inspirational “everyday heroes” who have gone above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.👇

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@Lionesses @StanwayGeorgia @IzzyChr17 @imogen_ph @imogen_ph this is amazing!! You’re No. 14 in the #Lionhearts Squad! Been following along with your challenge since the start and we are all proud of you for this. What an achievement! And getting to hang with the Lionesses themselves is always a great day! Well done. 💪🏻❤️

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An amazing achievement 🙌

Congratulations on completing your keepie-uppie challenge, @imogen_ph. We’re proud to have you in our squad of #Lionhearts!

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7.1 𝗠𝗜𝗟𝗟𝗜𝗢𝗡 keepy-ups: one for every key worker in the UK!

Watch @StanwayGeorgia, @IzzyChr17 (+ a few others 😉) welcome the amazing 11-year-old @imogen_ph to our #Lionhearts squad.

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Well done, @imogen_ph! 👏

Meet the rest of @England’s #Lionhearts:

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7️⃣,1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ kick-ups. One for every key worker in the UK 👏

We knew a few people who might be able to help 11-year-old @imogen_ph complete her incredible fundraising challenge, so we welcomed her to St. George’s Park for a surprise or two! 😃

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💻 #Millwall urges any fan in need of support during lockdown to contact the club...

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Answer reveal time! How did you get on?

1. @WayneRooney
2. @thedavidseaman
3. @SolManOfficial


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Happy 23rd Birthday @MarcusRashford it was a real pleasure to have been able to photograph you at Pennyhill Park as part of my @England Lionhearts experience. #lionhearts #englandlionhearts #englandlionheartssquad

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❓Quiz time! Have a guess which England legends are presenting out frames to the FAs Lionhearts? Leave your answers in the comments and we’ll reveal the answers tomorrow!
#TSFS #shirtframing #footballshirts #thefa #lionhearts #england #football #fa #epl #dorset

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This story is really moving ❤️❤️ @Lionesses @ellsbells89 @dima_aktaa 🙏🏻 #Lionhearts

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😏 Want some #FridayFeeling?

🤤 Just watch @RyannWoods4 doing his thing...


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A truly humbling story.

Watch @ellsbells89 meet @dima_aktaa, our tenth member of #Lionhearts.

Welcome to the squad, Dema! 🥳

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
Now is your chance to rise above the rest.
Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design.
Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
Stylish outside.
Savage inside.

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