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@washingtonpost Nope. They ALL need to be charged!!! THEY BROKE THE LAW!!! #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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@joecassandra @chrislhayes So you are clearly in support of the #Insurrectionist because you think just because the coup failed that we should pretend the coup didn't happen. #Sad #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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#NoJusticeNoPeace #NoJusticeNoUnity #SeditionCaucus #Sedition #SeditionHasConsequences #ExpelTheSeditionists #ExpelTheTraitors #GOPSedition #GOPTraitors #ProsecuteTheTraitors #MAGATerrorists #CapitolRiots #TrumpInsurrection #insurrection #ArrestThem #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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@laurenboebert @RealCandaceO Says the soon to be convict!! Do not put any money on her books. #LockHerUp #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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@Inkling61 @washingtonpost @FBI @DOJPH Yes, everyone that entered the US Capitol Building needs prosecution to the fullest extent of the law— no matter the time and cost. #SeditionHasConsequences #InsurrectionHasConsequences #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump @FBIWFO @MainJustice

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@BradleyWhitford And what was the January 6th Insurrection if not a war against America, justice, truth and the will of the people? @DonaldJTrumpJr @fred_guttenberg #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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“January 6th was kind of a Woodstock of the angry right,” terrorism expert tells AP.

RT @AP | Capitol attack reflects US extremist evolution over decades

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@SenTedCruz You don't give a flying fuck about the working people in this country. You are a puppet of the billionaires and corporations who pull your strings! #ResignTedCruz #LockHimUp #DomesticTerrorism #SeditionHasConsequences #SeditionCaucus #insurrection #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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Agree. Hold every single one accountable. Public trials..🤷🏻‍♀️
Remind those contemplating further acts of insurrection...
Not here. Not ever.
#InsurrectionHasConsequences #HoldThemAllAccountable #FAM46

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#InsurrectionHasConsequences! #ResignBoebert Colorado is done with your bullshite!

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.@TheJusticeDept @FBIWFO if someone tried to break into your workplace and try to kill you, would you let them? DON'T BE STUPID! #InsurrectionHasConsequences #NoAmnestyForDomesticTerrorists

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@glassicmermaid @laurenboebert has to go. She just wants to disrupt and complain about anything and everything under the guise of liberty. If she really cared about this country she would stop inciting riots and touring #WhiteSupremacists . #ExpelLaurenBoebert

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#ResignBoebert Colorado does not want an INSURRECTIONIST

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@mtgreenee A #DomesticTerrorist like Marjorie Taylor Greene belongs in Gitmo with the rest of the #SeditionCaucus . #SeditionHasConsequences #terrorist #InsurrectionHasConsequences #insurrection #LockHerUp #LockHerUp #LockHerUp #LockHerUp #LockHerUp

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Justice Department officials have promised a relentless effort to identify and arrest those who stormed the Capitol that day, but internally there is robust back-and-forth about whether charging them all is the best course of action.

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@glassicmermaid This is the Colorado district Lauren Boebert represents.... #boycottcolorado @jaredpolis

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#insurrectionist #InsurrectionHasConsequences #TraitorsToDemocracy #MAGATerrorists For GOP firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert, anger and suspicion linger after Capitol riot via @Yahoo

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@michaeljknowles @tedcruz Why did he enable & now condoning the #insurrection? To be fair that’s exactly what he’s doing in his attempt to walk it back. #insurrection is unforgivable period & all those in Congress who engaged,incited,enabled & condoned must be removed! #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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@DonaldJTrumpJr "we're coming for you and we're going to have a good time doing it".

I'm surprised @FBI hasn't YET interviewed @DonaldTrumpJr for his role in the violent insurrection and his vigorous misinformation campaign to undermine democracy.
#ArrestDonJr #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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@washingtonpost @fbi @DOJPH

The American people demand that all insurrectionists be arrested and prosecuted.

What could possibly be more dangerous to our society than armed insurrection.

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REMINDER: Rep. Cawthorn (R-NC) does not want people to know he urged Trump supporters to "lightly threaten" members to Congress when pushing them to overturn the election results. So TELL EVERYONE to keep it a secret.

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Can we get 3,000 retweets on this? We're hiring a number of mobile billboard trucks to constantly surround the U.S. Senate during the impeachment trial. Retweet and chip in to help us secure an entire fleet for the duration of the impeachment trial.

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If even one of them gets away with it, it emboldens the coup plotters to involve more people in their next attempt.

If they have to hire more prosecutors and investigators and empower more judges, do it!

Justice and democracy demand full accountability.

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Excuse me, what?

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This is why fast forgiveness is a disservice to the country. There has to be truth and accountability first.

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The more time that goes by the more evidence comes that he was attempting to stage a coup. Everyone involved in this insurrection needs to be held accountable.
🎥 @MeidasTouch Follow, Support and Retweet

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Now Hawley is claiming that he “was never attempting to overturn the election” and was merely “representing my constituents.” Does Hawley think Americans are gullible and stupid? They are not, and most people can see through phonies.

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The U.S. Civil War ended in 1865.

For the sake of unity, the South was forgiven and allowed to lie on, complain about and make demands of the victors.

Never feeling the weight of justice then, they bided their time and tried it again 150 years later.

Not this time.

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🙋‍♂️Raise your hand if you think Josh Hawley should be Arrested for inciting insurrection.

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TEXAS REPUBLICAN congressman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) wants to keep it a secret that he met with 'Stop the Steal' and told them to 'keep fighting' ...so please retweet this to let everyone know to keep it a secret

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Breaking News: Donald Trump and a Justice Department official plotted to oust the acting attorney general to try to advance baseless election claims, interviews show.

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It feels good to only have to worry about a deadly pandemic now.

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No unity without peace.
No peace without justice.
No justice without conviction.

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Here's what Sessions later said following the events on January 6.

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