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Dope song! #talkanddie ❤️🇳🇬 - reminds me Lekki Toll Gate #EndSARS

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@PoliceNG is still in their madness and wickedness that led to first #EndSARS the second wave will be deadly.

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Comment #EndSARS🇳🇬, follow all that RTs and FAVs this"👧🏼

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Can I just say I have the best fucking friends on here..

Solidarity ✊🏾 Love ❤️ and Light 💡 to All..

Now let’s fight..
And so so many more causes☀️☀️🕊

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@dondee_don I wouldn't rush to write anything down now about the #EndSARS protests in a novel form; the events are still too recent. My "spiritual antennae" tells me it's not over yet -- there may be a part 2. Police recklessness is still rampant.

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@YeleSowore @PoliceNG #EndSARS is a movement to liberate Nigerians...by making Nigerians wake up. God bless sowore

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Hi @DrAhmadLawan @femigbaja You have committed to probe crimes, #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria. I am counting on you to fulfil your pledge — protect the human rights and dignity of all Nigerians and stand up for an equitable, inclusive and just society. #GlobalCitizen

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@SEzekwesili What about the judicial panels set up to investigate the allegations against the #EndSARS officials. Is there feedback on the progress made.

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@DrBenonMutambi @UgandaMFA @MIA_UG @GCICUganda @GovUganda #STANDFORUGANDA Please my fellow AFRICAN YOUTHS let's take some minutes to support Uganda's Youths as they go out to the street when we were on the street for #EndSars they showed us love too please #Tagg #STANDFORUGANDA @davido @UN @WhiteHouse @CNNAfrica @BBCAfrica pls tag more

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@BankOnileowo @SEzekwesili This is the mentality we are trying to change. The people make up Nigeria and can get the leaders to be accountable. We shouldn’t settle for less. If you passed on that day I’m sure you’d want justice done. #EndSARS

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@dondee_don @mikeafolarin @GenevieveNnaji1 @EmekaAmakeze @MrsMaryNjoku @HenshawKate @irokotv @JasonNjoku @elnathan_john Awww! Thanks for remembering me in these conversations. My last novel focused on the Nigerian police; researching it was traumatic enough, that my next novel (end of 1st quarter 2021) is somewhat lighter. The effects of the #EndSARS protest will need more time to evaluate.

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Sunday Igboho at Ibarapa and igangan now the youths are behind him as we see. #Nigeria #EndSARS #yoruba

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He need a surgery urgent he got hit by a spray bullet during #endsars protest. No amount is small 0018255756 gtbank bank @UnclePamilerin @aproko_doctor @fkabudu

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The Heads of the Government agencies that operates the CCTV cameras and the Streets lights at Lekki knows who gave the orders for the systems to be switched off.They must speak out!.Killing protesters holding national flags and singing national anthem is unforgivable. #EndSARS

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We have been working on @femi_dapson case who has been detained at SABO Police Station since yesterday.

He has been released and will be out soon.
Thank you @segalink 🙏🏽

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#EndSARS: Enugu governor rebuilds Trans-Ekulu infrastructure

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#EndSARS nobody is a Yahoo boy in Nigeria once you're a youthin 9ja, do you want to know who are the #yahooboyz? Our politicals someone who stolen our present and future it's the #yahooboyz they make our lives miserable. @NTANewsNow @vanguardngrnews @MaziNnamdiKanu @YeleSowore

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@funshographix You know what... Traditional Marriage isn't valid to white because everything from Africa is Useless... Else Nigeria "Giant Of Africa" get it right #EndSars Now. SecondWave Looming.

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It’s a good day to tweet #EndSARS

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@obyezeks @NigeriaGov @MBuhari The facts speak for themselves that there's a deliberate self-sabotage of the covid containment effort by the Prez @MBuhari @NigeriaGov . Unfortunately, the gullibly docile citizens are at the mercy of the @NigeriaGov foolery. #EndSARS

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@kingysly_01 @Twitter This is how you guys change #EndSARS narrative to destroy Lagos state

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127 soldiers resign from the military.

Shehu Garba & his sadistic presidency will soon say this is @MBuhari making history. That no president has made 'corrupt' soldiers leave the army.

Ewu Garbage!


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What a country that kills their youths #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

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10 things you need to know Friday morning - Nigerian Newspapers - #Nigerian Newspapers #Wizkid #Davido #EndSars #EndSwat �degaard Suarez Biafra Trent Nigerian Army Harmattan Erica Nlewedim Shaq Tems Ayra starr #forAGreaterLagos Canada

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Suarez Harmattan Don Jazzy Tems Kobe Alcantara Mavin Ghana Alcantara Mavin #Wizkid Elon Beyoncé Leno Ceballos Brighton My MTN #EndSARS

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Person wey they pained by your post different from person wey just need a chance ... Sho grab?? #Shograb #Alwaysdontfold #alwaysdontfold

#lockdown2021 #Davidoresponse #JummahMubarak #EndSARS

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#EndSARS Nigeria youths listing to this clip of 2pac, we should stand up against buharinazatn @SaharaReporters @vanguardngrnews @APCNigeria @OfficialPDPNig @BBCWorld @CNN @HQNigerianArmy @POTUS45 @WhiteHouse @JoeBiden @YeleSowore @nnamdikanuwords @MaziNnamdiKanu @GEJonathan @hrw

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This kind of mindset made it easy for Soldiers to kill civilians at Lekki TollGate On 20/10/20 #EndSARS

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Every now & again when something like #EndSARS happens, we go up on social media and spread the word. Or what happened with the #GrenfellTower in the UK.

But...Black and Brown & indigenous people are (and have been) suffering globally...because of the folks who “represent” US

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I want make this face the for daily news
#DailyCovidUpdate #NewsPicks #facemask #EndSARS

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@32bitsret @PoliceNG Remember when they said #EndSARS shouldn't be a thing in jos?

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SARS operatives of @PoliceNG tortured these guys at Abattoir Police detention center in Abuja, used pliers to remove their fingers and shit them at close range before charging them to court and having them burden with false trial for 7 years.

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🦇 2023 😁

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@Abiso_la I will burn it and bury the ashes.

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“I was hanged. I was beaten. Guns were sporadically shot around me … they used their boots to hit my scrotum.” - Justin Nwankwo, who was detained by Awkuzu SARS for 81 days in 2013.

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