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Currently thousands of New Yorkers who are in desperate need of food and supplies will be starved, families will suffer and @NYGovCuomo lacks the courage to stand up for his city. Way to go @TeamstersJC16 . Starve the innocent #Hypocrites #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #AmericaFirst ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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A little story I wanna share
Yesterday when I go back home from work i saw a beggar and I gave some of my food to him..

Today he gave me a book called 'how to cook'.
@erigganewmoney @Oficial_gregori #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY @GossipMillNaija @instagram @instablog9ja

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Kudos to @DailyTableMkt for helping feed the hungry during the pandemic and opening a new Store in @centralsquare Cambridge same week as #InaugurationDay #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #DayOfService #HopeOnTheStreet

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THANK YOU for acknowledging those of us who are working so hard in food banks with what little we have to keep our friends and community and neighbors fed. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #President #VPKamalaHarris

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@PayPal @UBER & @Amazon used foreign overseas over the phone employees with our #COVID19 effected unemployed MILLIONS needing money for rent mortgages & food

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Damon after you were so kind to help me promote my #fundraising for @EalingFoodbank you managed to take on new moniker.... @badly_drawn_boy no more ...


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Cheese can be quite fatty if you dont know what you are doing, so I limit my dairy intake by only having it with two of my daily meals. Love a bit of crunch but was low on salad so I did my rolls 'well done' for texture #cookingIsAllYouNeed #food #delicious #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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At a #CPD #Teachers Training session with @NEUCymru and @CPAGUK on #childpoverty in #Education. It was heartbreaking! I was in tears.๐Ÿ˜ข 7 in 20 pupils in Welsh classrooms live in poverty; 28% of children in hungry & cold! The #CostoftheSchoolDay causes fear! #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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Add you signature to this. The number of deaths from Covid-19 in the UK is staggering and could have been avoided. The missteps blunders & negligence for #ExcludedUK #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY impacts on mental health & #EndOurCladdingScandal #ToriesHaveFailedTheNation

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Great article by @Claire_Gazette highlighting the amazing efforts of @Ilkley_BM & the #ilkleygreatgettogether team. Proud of all at kidfit for being part of this vital cause. @IlkleyGazette @Ilkleygrammar #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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Despite todayโ€™s horrendous weather, our FRESH food pantry was well attended & really highlighted the need in our community. Thanks @FareShareGtrM for helping us help our community to #EndChildFoodPoverty

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@DavidMundellDCT given your evident interest in global nutrition can you please confirm your support for ensuring every child in the UK receives at least one good meal a day? #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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I've been volunteering at Kinson&WestHowe Foodbank for over a year now. Recently I have been speaking to clients and have been shocked at the feelings of shame and disappointment they have about not being able to provide for themselves or their family. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY /1

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@1010WINS NY taxpayer money would be better used for #VaccinesSaveLives #studentloanforgiveness #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY ...to name a few.

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Great initiative @AlpertonCS and @DofEACS .These children deserve freshly prepared hot meals. And hope other boroughs and schools get inspired to follow your lead! #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY @UKAkshayaPatra

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January can feel like the longest monthly canโ€™t it. Weโ€™re proud to support our community and put food in tummies of 60 vulnerable children. BIG THANKS @The_BGL_Group & Ellie @Morrisons for helping us #EndChildFoodPoverty #EndFoodPoverty #ProudOfPeterborough

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Gothic Angels!
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#etsy #handmade #black #GalaxyS21 #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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Child hunger must be relegated to the past - Rashford is brilliantly targeting the core of these systemic issues, calling for a reevaluation of free school meals. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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Always remember, your health is your wealth. Check us out @ #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #investment #beverages #futurebrands #organic #Vegan #HealthAndSafety #healthcare #health

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We had great fun tonight, with @HES_4All leading our second online cookery class for #youngcarers and their families. On the menu tonight was spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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Job Vacancies at George Houston Resources Limited. via @Pinnaclereports

#construction #jobfairy #jobs #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #JoeBiden #JoeBidenInauguration #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident #JoeBuddenPodcast #TrumpTreason @Trump

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Once again this is exactly the right ask from @MarcusRashford. So letโ€™s keep up the momentum until this is delivered. #endchildfoodpoverty

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Every single Skipton branch is this week donating much-needed funds to their local foodbanks. And today we bought & delivered this selection of food for Skipton Foodbank.

Thank you to the team at Skipton @AldiUK for helping us!

#foodbanks #givingback #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

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We wish to appreciate all great minds who have contributed and are still contributing in making our society a better place. We say THANK YOU.
#ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #Springsaidfoundation

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Thanks to our Dragonโ€™s Diner team we have lunch hampers ready for another 210 children - some #FSM, some not. Parents; they are ready for you to collect. Lots of fresh, healthy produce...and a couple of little treats!๐Ÿคซ

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I ran into this beautiful and lovely family earlier today in Bwari Area council Abuja. The Little girl told me "Uncle my slippers don cut" On a closer glance, i saw that she was barefooted. I have no option to pack my car properly. On getting down, I engaged her with some

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We need a full judge-led public inquiry into this failure asap.

Over 122,000 signatures. Sign & share. ๐Ÿ‘‡

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#TsDesignZA We at it... No need Wallpaper we do Painting wallpaper design for you #OrlandoPirates #DStvPrem #DJSBU #wednesdaythought #GirlsTalkZA #construction #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #DryJanuary #NEW

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Rashford demands a 'meal a day' for all school pupils in need. Footballer says his campaign to end child food poverty in England still has a โ€˜million miles to goโ€™. #EndChildFoodPoverty

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My @guardian story: Marcus Rashford demands a "meal a day" guarantee from government for children in low income families - and tells MPs his end child food poverty campaign is far from over

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In partnership with @UKAkshayaPatra charity, our school will be providing 150 Free Meals every Monday to families who are in need of extra support during these difficult times. Many thanks to The Akshaya Patra for all their support. Below are the photos from Monday 18 January.

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This is a must watch for anyone working to #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY ๐Ÿ‘‡

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It would have been awesome if they skipped this stupid celebration no one can attend and give the wasted money to food banks across the country. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #ByeDon

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A long term review of free school meals is needed.

We stand alongside @MarcusRashford and the #EndChildFoodPoverty campaign in calling upon @10DowningStreet to serve-up a long term answer to the problem

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Your donations have allowed us to provide food for those that really need it, and we'd like to thank everybody who made it happen! #EndChildFoodPoverty

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We've been out delivering delicious hot meals to young carers in Notts. Shepherdโ€™s pie & banana & walnut cake + custard, lovingly cooked by the kind folks at @GreyfriarsNottm. Funding: @DefraGovUK. And later today, the 2nd week of our Zoom cookery classes #endchildfoodpoverty

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This week, Chair @CatMcKinnell & footballer @MarcusRashford discussed his petition calling on the Government to end child food poverty, which has over 1.1 million signatures.

๐Ÿ“บ Watch the full discussion:

๐Ÿง Read the transcript:

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