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It was good to see my kids on Thursday. Shoutout to the comrades for bringing my fam out to #decolonizethanksgiving

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You are not your rights – you are your responsibilities #decolonizethanksgiving

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The questions of now

Who are you
What are your roles and function
What is future


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Americans value their rights more than they value their lives. And I can't (yet can) believe that a Supreme Court justice could make such a failing in logic as to compare having a liquor store open to having a house of worship.

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Enjoying a relaxing and restorative stroll in this small stream which feeds Pocosin Creek. Thankful for the privilege to enjoy nature w/my family on these lands & waters embued w/the spirits & stories of the Manahoac people. w/@vrijebuiter #DecolonizeThanksgiving #OptOutside

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Turn off your computer and phone, stop buying and selling, rejoice with the truth and with friends and family, and help to shut down an Amazon Distribution Center. Looting is wrong. Tax Amazon. #BlackFridayAmazon #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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Give thanks every weekend, btw, for your ability to take a day off work. And work for the liberation of those who don't have one. #ShabbatShalom #DecolonizeThanksgiving #Liberation

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From @utlanow #Repost @wearecta
We learned a lot from this guide! #DecolonizeThanksgiving

rp: @surjsacramento

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@BreitbartNews Interestingly the #DecolonizeThanksgiving tweeters are not being silenced or marked as fraudulent for FAKE HISTORY!!

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Why don't we flip the script on holidays that celebrate #genocide, hmm?
That's where we need to start...

and yes, this too, except not only one day...
#nativeamericanheritage #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #BIPOC #IndigenousPeople #heritage #NativeAmerican

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Today’s “Best Thing I Read” is from Editor in Chief Katie Budris (@ktb8482). Reflecting on the complicated history of #Thanksgiving. Katie read Joy Harjo (@JoyHarjo), the first Native American US #Poet Laureate

#indigenouspoets #decolonizethanksgiving

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Circa 2010 - Eatin dessert shirtless and stoned is a family tradition.

#tbt #selfmedicatedpod #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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This Native American Heritage Day, we give thanks to our Indigenous communities and their ancestors. As we celebrate their rich heritage and contributions, let’s commit to writing a new future together — one built on a strong partnership and filled with opportunity for all.

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@IlonaVerley You don't make the rules, stop making public declarations on my behalf like you do.


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@seis_matters @DrLMRobinson I’ve not officially signed up, but I’m very much on board with the BLM movement. We as a nation deserve so much and that’s why we fight to obtain our hard-won (sweat, blood, tears) rights! #DecolonizeThanksgiving #IndigenousLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter

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Indigenous Groups must be in all levels of government where decisions are being made.

They deserve their land back.

We must obey our treaties at least.

We should give a 1 Trillion dollar reparations package to Native tribes .

Decolonize the US.


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“If your ancestor was a pilgrim, your mom’s a hoe” — my cousin. I think we’re doing pretty good raising the Monroy’s #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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Recorded a new podcast episode today!
#thanksgiving #nothanksnogiving #thankstaking #decolonizethanksgiving #decolonize #anticolonial #landback

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New episode y'all. Should be available for streaming now or shortly!

#thanksgiving #nothanksnogiving #thankstaking #decolonizethanksgiving #decolonize #anticolonial #landback

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@R3volutionDaddy @PNWYLF Sign the petition to remove the Guam infantryman / Spanish-American war memorial from the Portland Plaza. I'm thankful for the ones that have come down already. Are you thankful? #PortlandProtests #DecolonizeThanksgiving #DayofMourning

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November should be Indigenous history month in America #decolonizethanksgiving

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One more speaker, from AIM is addressing the crowd with a song and words of solidarity.

#reclaimers #laprotest #AIM #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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3 separate white girls who bullied me in high school for being native have posted about #DecolonizeThanksgiving and I hate them so much

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Highly recommend this documentary, particularly during this Thanksgiving holiday @gatherfilm #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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read my digital smoke signals.


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Let’s not promote the real reason why Thanksgiving is a holiday. #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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Decolonize Thanksgiving. Use your voice. Shift the narrative! #DecolonizeThanksgiving #IndigenousPeoplesDay #IndigenousPeople are still nations that thrive and demand respect.

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First Nationsl Development Institute is doubling all donations until the end of the year. They are a native-run organization that supports native communities around the country. #decolonizeThanksgiving

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@MarkPocan mark... #DecolonizeThanksgiving

you are not progressive, you're celebrating genocide.

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As gift-giving season draws near, consider buy gifts made by Native artists.
#Thanksgiving2020 #DecolonizeThanksgiving

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I hope all my Cimmerian and American friends have an excellent day!

Also, please note how seriously Conan takes social distancing for this meal. No family invited over. No one else around for miles.

Also, #DecolonizeThanksgiving.

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looks like there’s some new art at Boom Island
(pictures submitted to us)

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A reminder that Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for indeginous people of this country. We should honor and respect that and convey our condolences.


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From director Sanjay Rawal and executive producer Jason Momoa, @gatherfilm is an intimate film of the growing movement of Native Americans who are reclaiming their spiritual, political and cultural identities through food sovereignty. Watch the trailer:

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