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@20_melina @lippo Das Problem, aber in ein paar Jahren mit gutem GM und HC und QB und O-Line und Stadt könntet ihr wie die #Browns jetzt gut dabei sein

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@KeyJayandZ pats fans expect more try being a #Browns fans were grateful for any kind of win.

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Browns activate Myles Garrett, place Ronnie Harrison on IR
#NFL #Browns

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“Executives & sources around the #NFL tell me former #Chiefs & #Browns general manager John Dorsey will likely be among the most sought after GMs, and it’s highly likely he’ll be bringing Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy with him as head coach”

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@TheFanDomeShow Agreed but I also feel like we say this every week with our team #Browns

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@gmfb @nateburleson I've been a fan of the #Browns longer than Nate has been alive- I'm enjoying the heck out of this season. There's no trust involved here, just fun, and that's enough.

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3 things the #Browns must do to beat the Titans (via @ZaneHarris20)

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Denzel Ward unlikely to play against Titans
#NFL #Browns

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Wyatt Teller is still the highest graded lineman in the NFL. Bitonio is the 5th ranked G. #Browns have two G's playing better than Quinton Nelson (10th).

Zeitler is 55th.
Hubbard is 18th.

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#Browns Twitter do we root for the stools tonight? #Browns help me

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Terrance Mitchell is performing in the 74th percentile for CB's league-wide and is balanced in pass and run defense. He's 28. Are the #Browns interested in an extension?

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@SareesDad @Sam_Penix And we are leading the league in rushing. Like Woody Hayes said, ‘There are only three things that can happen on a pass, and two of them are bad.’ We are rushing and the opposition should know we are rushing! #browns #Chubb #Hunt

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Tweeted byTonyGrossi: Titans have more than just RB Derrick Henry, but he’s a load via TLOD #browns

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Rise and shine with ⁦@lockedonbrowns⁩ the revolving door on Defense, and a load of listener questions w/ @_PeteSmith_ #Browns

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@KenCarmanShow Hodges looked pretty sharp last weekend! No, really...🎯 #browns

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Die #TakeFlight #Jets sind seit 339 Tagen ohne Sieg, der letzte Sieg war am 29.12.2019 ein 13:6 gegen die #BillsMafia

Sie beendeten die Season 2019 mit einem 7-9 Record

Klingt wie aus einer fernen Welt

Die #TakeFlight sind die neuen #Browns , die #Browns sind auf Playoffs Kurs

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Checking in.....how is everyone doing?! I know the holidays can be hard for some....send me a pm with addresses and I'll send our Xmas card (cute kids in this house!) And seriously, I am here if you need a friend. Keep your heads up❤ #browns #pals #brownstwitter #CheckingIn

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This is a great watch #browns fans

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I hate both teams tonight but still rooting for the Steelers to lose! I know a Ravens loss helps the Browns, but how about the Browns just finish 3-2 to get to 11 wins and make the playoffs on their own without help!!! #Browns

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Derrick Henry vs. Nick Chubb & Kareem Hunt #Titans #Browns #RunTheBall

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I have two new goals in life: 1. To share a Busch Light with Andy Janovich and 2. To recognize Andy Janovich in public. #browns

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On Game Day Nick Chubb turns in to The Chubbernaut! #Browns @NickChubb21

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If you’re a Safety or have played Safety please report to Berea today. Thank you.


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Thanks so much Jeff! Very happy to be put in such high regard with @lockedonbrowns and That’s What B Said! (@breezyCLE @BurdsIVue @MKonSports) #Browns

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@Browns_Possum I will always want a team to win if that win helps the #Browns

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@lockedonbrowns thanks for making this year more bearable
Go #Browns

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How is the #DawgPound feeling today? Anyone gonna be watching the Ravens vs Steelers game at 3:40 on a Wednesday?? 👀🐶 #Browns #AFCNorth

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@silent_lasagna6 @KenCarman @SportsBoyTony I think because the Lamar is on the Ravens & won MVP last season. People are giving him a pass on how bad he has been this year. I truly believe if was on the #Browns people&media would crush him. If he threw the ball like he has this year. I mean that completely! @SportsBoyTony

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Matthew Stafford to the Cleveland Browns? Baker Mayfield is not the answer!


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Looking at the #Browns secondary depth for the game this weekend against the Titans:

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We start previewing #Browns #Titans

Plus, Herbie causes a stir surrounding the #CFP

(And the show started SUPER petty!)

7:15 @PFF_Steve
8:15 @rhettbtennessee of @titansradio


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Titans have more than just RB Derrick Henry, but he’s a load via TLOD

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@KenCarman @sambarrick5 @SportsBoyTony Look at don’t think RG3 can do it. But I’m that scenario I’m rooting for the Ravens. I think just because Lamar won the MVP & beat the #Browns in week 1. @KenCarman @SportsBoyTony are not acknowledging how bad he is this yr. besides Wentz, Lamar is the biggest let down of yr

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@Browns Fair swap. When are the rest of our fragile dbs coming back???? #browns - fuck they dont even hit hard and still get hurt constantly.

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Live at Go Long: Andy Janovich wants to kick your ass

The Cleveland Browns are a force once again. And the guy who may be the difference is this Busch Light-loving, facemask-shattering "hammerhead" fullback wrecking everything in his path. This was fun:

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Must watch #Browns fans

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My top 3 #Browns podcasts: @lockedonbrowns "That's What B Said"( @breezyCLE @MKonSports @BurdsIVue) and @BarkofTheBrowns. There are others I like as well but those are my go to during the week.

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@Browns offensive line are a UNION; hard hats are required. Dirty work is the job description; and the running backs are free to join. So much fun to watch. #dawgoound #BaldysBreakdowns

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Ronnie Harrison attempting to clean the snow off his truck this morning 😂 #Browns (via Greedy Williams IG)

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