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@losjets @RichCimini The fact you paid money to promote this reinforces your excellent decision making skills.

I hope he stays as well.


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@RealSkipBayless A RARE W from Mr. Drip!

You're still an ass though......


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What do we think #BillsMafia ? Assumes Milano is gone and we address a CB&Edge in Free Agency and continue to develop AJ and Draft Picks

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@edaniels77 Agree or Disagree? Where do you rank Tre White? #BuffaloBills #Billsmafia

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Come on, so the wagons like a TD 🐂 The NFL #BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

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@tiltmoney of @TheBillsGuys presents 25 of his favorite prospects for the Buffalo Bills before the start of free agency.

Which prospects do you like #BillsMafia?

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@tiltmoney of @TheBillsGuys presents 25 of his favorite prospects for the Buffalo Bills before the start of free agency.

Who are your favorite prospects #BillsMafia?

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Flashback - On this day 6 yrs ago Shady McCoy was traded to #BillsMafia for Kiko Alonzo! Let that sink in! 😉
#NFL #FantasyFootball

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ATP/WTA Qatar Total Open Results
Round 2

🇺🇸44 @JLPegula 6 7
🇱🇻 51 Ostapenko 2 5

Next: 31 Ons Jabeur or 7 Karolina Pliskova


🇺🇸Melichar 6 6

🇺🇸Pegula 1 1
#GoJessie #BillsMafia

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@NFL @WGR550 @JJWatt @chanjones55 @AZCardinals Adorable. Add them together and they are still shy of this man's 200 sacks!!! #BillsMafia

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@bigj9797 Relax... You had 2 sacks all year. 🧐
You would of had more wit Bills. They know how to utilize you. #BillsMafia

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What cuts do you expect from One Bills Dr? #BillsMafia

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Let's get bucked up Friday night! #BillsMafia #BuckedUp200

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The 2018 NFL Scouting Combine is where #Billsmafia was first introduced to Josh Allen and his rocket arm. 🚀

🎥 via. @thecheckdown

#TheCheckDown #BuffaloBills #JoshAllen #RocketArm

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@joshlwilliams I've been meaning to text you about this upcoming move to Buffalo to get the details, and to see if you were preparing to join the #BillsMafia

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Live look at #Bills GM Brandon Beane:


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In our 1st of 2 #Bills #podcast s this week @RyanLasal_RSN joins us as, before kicking off any Free Agency conversation, we've gotta look at the confusing end of #JJWattch :
🔸Sticker shock
🔸Desperation in AZ?
🔸📈 Respect for McBeane & more! #BillsMafia

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@OneBillsLive @MSGNetworks @WGR550 I do believe D Knox will be better this year but I’d love to see a proven free agent to play as well for some insurance if Knox does not improve as we expect. Njoku would look nice in #BillsMafia #GoBills

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@BrianSponsler @_Strong_Start Wahoo! (Although I cannot support this Brady meme #BillsMafia)

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This is quality podcast discussion material. #BillsMafia

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Knowing it's not the top priority...

🏈What commitment are you willing to make at the tight end position and why?🏈🤔

➡️Vote/Tweet/Call and we'll use your responses on the air! 1-888-550-2550 or 716-803-0550.

@MSGNetworks/@WGR550 | #BillsMafia

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2. Super Bowl XXV→1991 #TogetherBlue - #BillsMafia Thurman Thomas se inventa un TD memorable, mostrando su infinita clase en el momento de máxima exigencia @Nathy_Za

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Just texted with an NFL head coach about the upcoming cuts and what he expects…

“It’s going to be a massacre next week all around the league”

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I’ll go with Darryl Williams. Brandon Beane took a flier on him coming off two injury riddled seasons, and he managed to rediscover his form as a superb RT. He shut down TJ Watt in the PIT game, and his late fumble recovery in the WC game helped save the season. #BillsMafia

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Retweet belows tweet and follow for a chance to win a signed Andre Reed HOF 11x14 picture! Picking the winner Monday ❤️💙❤️💙 #BillsMafia Have a great day! 🤩

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@NFLonFOX I think @JoshAllenQB @stefondiggs and @Bease11 would like a word...... 🤔 #BillsMafia

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1st article of 2 part series: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

AFC Fans - What was good, bad and ugly about your season?

See if you agree with @seantyleruk

NFC = Tomorrow!

#AFC #Billsmafia #ChiefsKingdom #ravensFlock #DUVAL #NFL #NFLTwitter

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Now that the dust was settled and the man himself spoke on it, here are a couple of reasons why JJ Watt likely picked the #Cardinals over the #Bills:


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@MattParrino 3 guys 1 win from the SB.....who's other QB threw a piss missile the series before to go up with seconds left to the guy younger and better than #BillsMafia

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@JJWatt @KealiaOhai Remember when the #BillsMafia thought this was a cryptic tweet because she was eating "Buffalo Wings"?

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2020 Bills Offseason:

🅱️🅱️🅱️ went hard after Antonio Brown, but missed out.

Shortly thereafter, he made a boss move for Diggs!

2021 Bills Offseason:

🅱️🅱️🅱️ went hard after Watt, but missed out.

Wait for the “shortly thereafter.” 😎
#InBeaneWeTrust #BillsMafia

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Dearest @Twitter, I love your site and have fun on it for the most part but you need to #FreeBrotherBill....... He makes your site a better place for us #BillsMafia and #Sabres fans! Thanks! #brotherbillbyabillion

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Wowza. Buffalo hoping to sign Josh Allen to an extension this summer. They're discussing a 5yr, 215M dollar contract. If you're ever gonna "overpay" it might as well be for a young franchise QB that you drafted and developed. #bills #billsmafia #NFL

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@MikeClayNFL Imagine what Josh Allen could do with a good OL,TE, and RB #Billsmafia. Look at the OLs of all the other top offensive units.

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TE Kyle Rudolph - Released Yesterday By Minnesota:

Height: 6’6 🔥
Weight: 265 🔥

Since 2017:

200 catches ✅
0 drops 🤯

Rudolph + Diggs Reuniting?


#BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #gobills

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@PFF Not a @BuffaloBills fan but Rudolph makes a ton of sense for them at that position. . #BillsMafia

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Who was the #Bills Unsung Hero of the 2020 season?
-Matt Milano
-Ed Oliver
-Cole Beasley

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@eggsixles A team of 11 Josh Allen’s would beat a team of 11 of any other NFL player

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.@BuffaloBills Running Back @A_B_Williams26 will get us 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝗲𝗱 𝘂𝗽 for Friday’s @NASCAR_Trucks #BuckedUp200!

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#BillsMafia!! Im bartending on Monday nights at The Howling Rooster starting the 8th! @jimmyreu81 is kindly donating #Bills signed pics once a month to giveaway at the bar! Meanwhile retweet and follow for this signed Reed HOF 11x14! I’ll pick the winner March 8! 💙🔥❤️

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