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Stats don't lie #BenchWentz

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At least @AZCardinals have a QB who doesn't get sacked 6 times per game #BenchWentz

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You ever think maybe the O-Line has just given up on Carson like if I had a QB with those stats I would give up on him as well. Look at every time Jalen is in the line protects him he completes passes and get us 1st downs. Wentz is an overrated QB in my opinion #BenchWentz

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#benchwentz for the rest of the season. We aren't winning another game so fuck it @Eagles see what we have in hurts

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Am I going to watch the rest of the @Eagles miserable season? I sure as hell am


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I never jump into the emotionally charged calling for jobs, but I’m all for #BenchWentz and #firedougpederson right now. This team is unwatchable. Play calling is pathetic and Wentz can’t go through progressions at all.

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Field goal 2 drives before would’ve looked real nice after this, #firePederson #BenchWentz

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When the voice of the Eagles says the team "isn't good," that should tell you something. #FireDoug #FireHowie #BenchWentz

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@FirstTake Time for the all important Back Up roll...as the solid veteran QB 2! #BenchWentz

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@TravisFulgham @jalenreagor WIDE THE FUCK OPEN... this guy is horrible #BenchWentz

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Yeah everyone else in the universe is to blame 🙄 #BenchWentz

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@BleacherReport @brgridiron @MikeDugar Please know as a Philly fan we do not CONDONE the behavior of this jackass~~~~~~~~~ #firedoug #schwartzmustgo #howiestartpacking #benchwentz

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.@Eagles it can’t It Just Can’t get any easier than this; yet they make it so hard. So Impossibly Hard! #BaldysBreakdowns

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Money or not Carson Wentz just has lost his way, constant erractic play, overyhrows , under throws, bad reads, just sitting in the pocket while it collapses , just embarrassing! Wentz never recovered from being out a year SMH! #BenchWentz

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@JamieApody ...Lurie needs to swing his dick around. #BenchWentz & at the very least strip Doug of his right to call plays. #EnoughIsEnough

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@Eagles fans...let’s put our pennies together to bring Frank Reich back! Oh and get rid of Howie Roseman. #BringBackReich #PlayJalenHurts #BenchWentz #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly
#2020sucks 🤬

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@Eagles season is over whether you want to believe it or not. Just look at it from this point of view, if we were in any other division, we would be in last place and well out of the playoffs, that’s how y’all should look at #FlyEaglesFly #BenchWentz #starttherebuild

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Can’t read defenses
Inaccurate passer
Need a supporting cast

Everything that was said about Dak Prescott is true about Wentz

Dak is better than Wentz

#Cowboys #BenchWentz

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Terrible performance by the Eagles offense. It took them a quarter and a half to show any life. The final score doesn’t reflect just how one sided this game was. This is not a lack of effort. They work hard. They simply aren’t very good. 3-7-1 says it all.

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He 👏🏻 doesn’t 👏🏻 see 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 field 👏🏻 #BenchWentz

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Listening to Doug get annihilated in press conferences is what I look forward to now instead of the actual games #Eagles #flyeaglesfly #MNF #benchWentz

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Fought until the final whistle.

@UnibetUS | #FlyEaglesFly

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(via @NFL)

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Wentz is flat out a terrible QB, absolutely awful.. Please @Eagles “give up” on the season. #BenchWentz #SEAvsPHI

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The eagles suck wentz is terrible can’t throw the ball every draft they don’t pick anyone good they gave up on 2 top ten WR 2 years in a row #benchwentz #Eagles #carsonwentz #Goedert put in jalen hurts

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Here's Jalen Reagor with his hand up pre-snap because no one on Seattle is covering him. Wentz threw elsewhere (incomplete).

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Eagles fans when they see Carson Wentz come back onto the field

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@TTrizz420 @Eagles Nope! They NEED to PROTECT THEIR QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!

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